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    It s a love story done Stephen King style and so perfectly done that my first thought after finishing was to read the novel a second time The characters are so genuine and universal that everyone will love them, and the story is both magical and heart breaking at exactly the same time.

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    All I can say is that getting to the last page was a relief Reading this novel was like staring at a cow for five hours.

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    I loved you then and I love you now and I have loved you every second in between This is a book about Lisey Landon, the widow of a famous author, Scott Landon There are two main stories within the book that of Lisey s story in the present, and that of her dead husband s life Lisey is clearing out her husband s writing space in their home which leads to a series of events that force her to recall memories and realities about her late husband I loved this book And I mean LOVED it Initially, I found it quite hard to get into, but I kept at it and it has really paid off For me, it hits close to home The messages it sends about grief and getting over the loss of a loved one really rang true for myself So many parts of the book just caused me to reread the same section over and over, finding comfort in the fact that we all experience those same feelings Sometimes she d go a whole day without thinking of him or missing him Why not She had quite a full life, and really, he d often been hard to deal with and hard to live with A project, the Yankee old times like her very own Dad might have said And then sometimes a day would come, a gray one or a sunny one when she missed him so fiercely she felt empty, not a woman at all any but just a dead tree filled with cold November blow She felt like that now, felt like hollering his name and hollering him home, and her heart turned sick with the thought of the years ahead and she wondered what good love was if it came to this, to even ten seconds of feeling like this It also speaks strongly about marriage, and the emotional complexities that make up a long marriage At times it felt like I wasn t sure if Lisey and Scott even liked each other, but this often appears to be the case with marriage it s not all sunshine and rainbows Their love was still there and their love was strong.The snippets into Scott s childhood were another highlight Harrowing and heartfelt and heartbreaking and scary The relationship between him and his father and his brother was so well written I felt so emotionally invested in these parts of the story We also delve deeply into the relationship that Lisey has with her sisters, which is truly fascinating.It s an odd book in that it seems that King fans either love this book or hate it, and thankfully I am one of the former This has been a true pleasure I already can t wait to reread this one.Edit Reread in November 2018 and loved it even than the first time Now number 4 in my list of top King books.

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    Lisey Debusher Landon is the widow of Scott Landon, the Stephen King stand in here, an author who achieved fame in his early 20 s and never let go, soon becoming and then remaining a best selling novelist King weaves several time lines, Landon s bizarre childhood and his relationship with his father and brother, the courtship of Landon and Lisey, an assassination attempt on Landon by a psycho, Landon s later illness, and the present Lisey, two years after Scott s death, is still tidying up his affairs, beset by a scholarly pair from a university with their greedy paws eager for his accumulated notes and unpublished writings Her relationship with Scott is paralleled by her relationship with her siblings, three sisters, one of whom is seriously deranged, and falls into catatonia after an emotional blow A present day psycho seeks her out and forces Lisey to confront some repressed knowledge, about Landon and herself.There is much in here about personal use of language Lisey uses smuck instead of the usual four letter expletive, behavior learned from Scott The word bool figures prominently as well There are many sayings that probably originated in King s Maine background He adds to these, giving the piece some texture He also fills the mouths of the tale s psychos with a bit of verbal drool that is never explained How explain madness There are many instances in which King parallels echoes images across scenes, noting the state of at least two pairs of underpants, faces smeared with blood that resemble clowns There are repeated mentions of stations of the cross, although it is never really clear that the connection is that deep The story is engaging Too long of course, but what can one do King gets in his writing about children under stress, a favorite pastime of his There is otherworldly material here as well that requires willing suspension of disbelief But this is Stephen King after all Does one really expect such to be absent I enjoyed reading the book The texture was fun, the references to other artists, musicians, writers It was not scary the way some of his books have been I will have no nightmares as a result of reading Lisey s Story It is a good read, not a great one A few other King Family items I have reviewedby Stephen KingThe ShiningDoctor SleepUnder the DomeDuma Key Revivalby Joe HillNOS4A2 The Fireman 20th Century Ghosts Heart Shaped Box

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    Reading this makes me think of all the literary critics Stephen King has had to put up with over the years If a reader does not like his writing, that s fine, to each his own as the saying goes I ve been on the outside looking in and in the minority opinion plenty of times, but I can usually see how someone could like a work, or even frequently, respect the hard work that went in to creating a published book.Some of Stephen King s critics have been nasty, defaming not only his writing ability but his intelligence I won t state names and I won t repeat the rubbish, but it is frequently pathetic Like a spoiled kid crying sour grapes because he s jealous Easy for a literature type or academic to play the high castle card, ridiculing King and his success for appealing to the masses, for selling out, for playing upon the lowest common denominator.This was exceptionally well written.King s prose is clear and imaginative, his style is progressive and resonant with emotion This is a romance, but a gothic, melancholy novel, full of loss and grief and longing There is magic realism that touches on fantasy of the Bradbury kind, close to the earth and yet fleeting and peripheral.Apparently, when King was hit by a car and almost died, in the late 90s, he returned home during his convalescence to see his books and personal items packed up in boxes, having been rearranged by his wife Tabitha This made him think of what his office would look like after he was dead, with Tabby given the unenviable task of going through her famous husband s papers.Lisey Landon was the surviving wife of famous novelist Scott Landon As the story begins, he has been dead some two years or so Much of the narrative is internal monologue and remembrances of Lisey s happier times with her husband But like all marriages, they had good and bad times and like many creative people, her late husband was a complicated man and with some dark secrets with which to contend He was haunted by elements of his past and his family was a torturous and dysfunctional type, the kind of childhood that was survived rather than treasured and enjoyed.When Lisey is confronted with an insane man who wants Scott s old manuscripts and notes, she is forced to endure a present nightmare while also compelled to relive some of her darker times with Scott.Psychologically terrifying in a domestic setting, King has demonstrated his great range as a writer This is unlike any other book of his I have read and interestingly, King has stated this is his favorite It is noteworthy that the book is dedicated to Tabby and is memorable that the narrative is filled with terms of endearment and with love language between the two Every couple has their own ways of communicating, some in code and some without saying anything at all Whether partially autobiographical or not, King has provided an unguarded glimpse into the life and love of two people who have shared and loved and then gone on ahead apart, divided by that singular loneliness that will come for each of us.Romantic and at times heartbreaking, this is still Stephen King and fans will find his horrific magic present and engaging Though not one of my favorites, I can see where someone would love this book and I can certainly respect his great talent.

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    She would have thought two years was enough time for the strangeness to rub off, but it wasn t time apparently did nothing but blunt grief s sharpest edge so that it hacked rather than sliced In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Stephen King named Lisey s Story as the best book he ever wrote It s a deeply personal story with a passionate marriage providing a strong anchor at its core, which King pulls from his relationship with his wife Tabitha But, it s also covers a wide range of themes including grief, addiction, child abuse, and even mental instability He wrote this story after overcoming his additions in the 80s and his near life ending accident in 1999, when he was struck by a Van on a walk His wife took time during his recovery to redecorate his office Seeing his manuscripts and effects packed away, was part of the inspiration of this novel.This is not an easy read and the first third requires considerable concentration The story follows a widow, Lisey Landon, after the untimely death of her husband, Scott Landon Scott was a critically acclaimed novelist and King leverages a bit of obscure literary references to set the stage We are also introduced to the internal language of Lisey and Scott, which is even confusing due to references to repressed supernatural events However, the vague references of past events, become all the satisfying as the story plays out Once again, King s ability to make the supernatural believable is fully on display in this novel He not only creates his own slang, but the motivation, dialog, and actions are incredibly well thought out King is at the top of his game in terms of vocabulary, imagery, and storytelling By then the whole world had slowed down, and what she kept returning to as the tongue keeps returning to the surface of a badly chipped tooth was how utter smooth that movement had been, as if the gun had been mounted on a gimbal But what really differentiates Lisey s Story , from many of his prior works, is how deep we get into the thoughts and feeling of the MC This novel is short on dialog and the first half is even short on action What we do get is way down deep into Lisey s thinking and her relationships We get exposed to her inner most thoughts, and the book isn t even first person narration It s this deep dig into her grief, her fight to deal with a reality that is on the edge of insanity, that makes this novel so special I can t imagine the intensity of thought it took King to write this novel and also in the same vein Gerald s Game.I wonder if King had dropped the supernatural from this book, if he would have replaced it with pure addiction and mental instability, while keeping the rest of the storyline, if he would have had a real literary masterpiece that his critics could not ignore I know King does not care about his critics, nor do I, but it would have been an interesting experiment in how the book was received and how it sold In the end, I m glad he stayed true to himself, as it s a perfect Stephen King novel He makes the unbelievable believable and connects you to characters in a way few others can He takes you to a place that we all drink from, and can be as beautiful or as horrifying as we imagine This is a Stephen King masterpiece.

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    It started out fairly well Youngish widow going through her brilliant writer husband s papersmaybe it was a thinly veiled biography of King s wife Tabitha Maybe it would be good.Its initial promise wore thin after about the 70th time the word smucking appeared After about the 5th time the main character called her sister Manda Bunny , the promise was not only rubbed off the book, it was replaced with a bit of sandpaper that grated directly against your nerves Stephen King could have done wonderful things with this book if he d not immediately become cloying Gott in Himmel, how many times did we need to be reminded that Lisey, the main character, and her husband Scott, the brilliant writer, had catch phrases and inside jokes and used the word smuck instead of the satisfying F word I d guess at least once every page When King tried to bring a somewhat realistic and on its own meaty story meaty because a story about what the surviving spouse of a luminary goes through after the spouse s death is an interesting story enough, not to mention the meatiness of the mental illnesses he sort of wrote about, like self mutilation and catatonia into the realm of the supernatural, he didn t seem to be trying too hard Booya moon Whatever.King is ever readable, and the book wasn t without its charms, but it could have been so much It could have been a masterpiece, given the theme and given the talent of the writer, who somehow compelled me to finish this treacly mess.

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    Major bomb actually strikingly pretentious as well The search for anything salvageable in this junkyard is an impossible task You owe it to yourself, invest your time on something better May possibly tie for worst Stephen King novel with Insomnia Or The Tommyknockers

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    As I read Lisey s Story by Stephen King, I am reminded why I love King s work so much It is constantly changing, constantly evolving Each book is a different experiment Each book is a different tale yet no two are the same.King has gone beyond the horror genre with Lisey s Story and written a, dare I say it, literary masterpiece Its part horror, part love story, part tribute to a woman s husband It s part creepshow, part romance and absolutely unclassifiable King has written a novel that, while hard to classify, has a heart that beats at its centre.I keep wanting to speed forward while reading Lisey s Story.Normally, when I read a Stephen King book, I can zip through it in two to three days regardless of size I just can t do that with this one, the words won t let me King s prose is so beautiful, so melodic, it s impossible to speed through, it s impossible to read as fast as I normally do.It feels like I m drinking in the words, drinking in the story.It feels like I m dancing with Lisey, floating through her flashbacks, her dealings with Zack McCool But the dance has a dark edge to it, as if my partner will drop me on the floor and trod on me with sharp heeled shoes at any moment I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, or the bottom to fall out.Because I know it s coming.In the end, no matter how beautiful the novel is, I know it s a Stephen King novel and that something grim is going on, something darker is waiting at the edges of my vision for it s turn to float onto the page like a dark shadow.It s just a matter of waiting for it, wading my way through Kings most literary effort yet, and waiting for the monster to show its face.I don t understand the many negative reviews for Lisey s Story I just don t get it This novel is beautiful, heartbreaking and mesmerizing what s not to like I think those who don t like it are just expecting King to shovel out one horror book after another they don t want to give him a chance to try anything different, anything beautiful.To the naysayer s, I say read it again Take off the blinders and slip into Boo ya Moon Your stay will be far enjoyable with an open mind and a heart that bleeds.

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    I ve been reading a lot of New Stephen King lately, books that I ve put off reading because I was afraid that they would not be as good as Old Stephen King I wish I had not, because while New King is different, he is still The King I listened to it on audio, but kind of followed along in the book too, sort of Mare Winningham did a good job reading, and after a while I got used to her voices, although I think that she added a bit too much to the story She made certain characters sound too much alike for my taste, specifically Jim Dooley, Sparky Landon and Amanda Debusher Amanda was different because she was given a feminine voice, and no hillbilly at all, but the underlying voice was the same, and that bothered me Anyway, moving on to the story itself I wasn t sure what to make of this book when I started it, but I absolutely loved it Dark and creepy, this one actually gave me goosebumps in a few spots Listening to the events in Scott s childhood cellar were one of those times To be honest, that part was scarier to me than the Longboy I also found the running theme on mental illness interesting King always has a slightly skewed way of viewing the world, and I thought it was perfectly fitting that he should describe mental illness the way he did in this book Not as something internal, but as something external, either worming it s way into you, or by calling you to it and then keeping you there.But even with all the creepiness, this was really a beautiful story of love and loyalty and trust and acceptance And sacrifice A friend of mine mentioned that she felt it was a love letter from King to his wife I can understand that, but there is a lot to this story than that My book has the tagline, Their love was just the first chapter , and I think that s perfectly fitting for how I viewed this book This book is like a patchwork quilt of King s appreciation for the things that got him where he is today Tabitha King is definitely at the head of that list, but she s by far not the only recipient of a tip of King s hat His description of the Longboy, and of Boo ya Moon in general reminded me strongly of H.P Lovecraft s writing Not just his atrocious beastly creations, but also Lovecraft s theory that sometimes what s left unseen and unexplained is far scarier than explained phenomena, regardless of how awful it may be In this, I felt like King was paying homage to what he grew up reading He also makes reference to his own creations, Derry, Castle Rock which in itself is a homage to William Golding s Lord of the Flies , Dark Score Lake, Norris Ridgewick, and of course, there were several ties to the Dark Tower and The Talisman, specifically the phrase Light out for the territories Scott s ability to boom to Boo ya Moon is reminiscent of Jack s ability to shift from the Territories to this world in The Talisman All in all, I really enjoyed this story I look forward to King s next book I will certainly not put it off as I did this one and Duma Key.BOOL The End.

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Lisey's Story download Lisey's Story, read online Lisey's Story, kindle ebook Lisey's Story, Lisey's Story 448a42e1db62 Lisey Debusher Landon Lost Her Husband, Scott, Two Years Ago, After A Twenty Five Year Marriage Of The Most Profound And Sometimes Frightening Intimacy Scott Was An Award Winning, Bestselling Novelist And A Very Complicated Man Early In Their Relationship, Before They Married, Lisey Had To Learn From Him About Books And Blood And Bools Later, She Understood That There Was A Place Scott Went A Place That Both Terrified And Healed Him, That Could Eat Him Alive Or Give Him The Ideas He Needed In Order To Live Now It S Lisey S Turn To Face Scott S Demons, Lisey S Turn To Go To Boo Ya Moon What Begins As A Widow S Efforts To Sort Through The Papers Of Her Celebrated Husband Becomes A Nearly Fatal Journey Into The Darkness He Inhabited Perhaps King S Most Personal And Powerful Novel, Lisey S Story Is About The Wellsprings Of Creativity, The Temptations Of Madness, And The Secret Language Of Love Front Flap