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    Rain fell on the roofs of the just and the unjust, the saints and the sinners, those who knew peace and those in torment, and tomorrow began at a dark hour I had mixed feelings about this one Since it was a Robert McCammon, it was written well, and the story leads the reader through a bizarre mix of betrayal, insanity, murder and kidnapping The story is split into two viewpoints an unstable woman consumed with the past clashes with a woman whose world has been shaken by personal betrayal and a new baby Mary the Terror isn t likeable but she s realistically written There s a disturbing opening scene of the novel showing how twisted her mind really is and it doesn t improve from there The author goes into details showing how grim her life is down to the details of the nasty way she lives, how she struggles to take care of herself, and her reliance on the age old acid trips Plenty of flashbacks explain how she came to stay the same person and how twisted their little group of 60 s bandits were Laura s viewpoint is just okay She was interesting during the chase scenes in the second half, but for the first part she kind of lagged I did sympathize with her during the scenes where she s trying to cope with the realization her daughter has been kidnapped and people are losing patience Reminded me of how insensitive people can be because they feel uncomfortable dealing with other people s pain and loss.I haven t read a novel with this angle before McCammon shows a somewhat forgotten period of rebel s lives where we tend to idealize the freedom spirit feel Instead he shows a dangerous group that felt it was their job to take down most of society and it was an us against them mentality Hyped by drugs, acid and alcohol of course The Hippie lead was a cultish figure that bent the lives of those already unstable and desperate.The theme was intriguing, the characters well developed, but kidnapping stories aren t my bag This is much , but still the story produced inconsistent steam with its pacing Flashbacks were important to the storyline but I grew impatient The start was slow and it took me awhile to care about the characters and what they were up to it took a considerable time to begin the main action of the book.

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    I read this book years ago and it enters my thoughts, unbidden, to this day McCammon takes you into the mind of a psychopath unlike any you have ever encountered You will be glued to the pages until the very end It s just another masterpiece by a wonderful but underrated author Anything by this man is amazing

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    I ve read most of McCammon s books published in the 80 s and early 90 s, and this one was so damn good it gives Swan Song a run for it s money This book was so intracately plotted, detailed, carefully drawn, that I forgot I was reading It was as if the author was speaking the story straight into my brain I highly recommend this thriller with touches of horror throughout to anyone who loves McCammon, and those who love a good thriller written by one of the masters Brilliant Thanks to Jon Recluse for finally convincing me to read it.

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    Holky fuck, that was a ride I just finished the last 200 pages in one marathon 3 hour sitting.One night after we d got done doing the floors of the grocery store, and hanging out in the parking lot getting smashed, one of the managers was telling us about this book his brother had given to him He told us about a book, Stephen King ish that he really didn t think he d like, this story about a woman waking up to a baby s crying, how she tried to comfort it and such, and finally losing her cool and turning on the stove, and bahgawd she was gonna teach it to behave, and then burning its face off and throwing it against the wall And then it turned out it was just a doll I lived with that story for 15 years, and I finally asked the internet and got the name of the thing Thanks to docbrite Holky fuck I think I just came in my eye This book, about a crazy whacked out flower power psycho bitch who has a vision and decides to steal a baby to take to her Manson ish cult leader grabs a nerve and twists and then when you re about as tense as you can get twists really fucking hard And you re looking at the book and thinking you ve still got over a hundred pages to go wtf If this doesn t wrap up in the next chapteroh holy shit Mother chasing after the baby, psycho ex G man out for revenge on the woman who fucked his shit up and doesn t care if the baby gets in the way, the helpful traitor who helps the heroine chase down her baby, damn It s all in there.This book should be the definition of thriller and suspense Seriously, go get yourselfs a copy.

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    Flash forward from the 1960 s to the 1980 s Gone are the days of hoping to change the world with love ins and by wearing flowers in your hair Head shops, roach clips, bongs, lava lamps, black light posters, Woodstock all or less fallen by the wayside For Mary Terror, former member of a radical student group, moving on is a little difficult She is marking time until she can be reunited with her love and present him with their baby Mary is crazy, there is no baby until she snatches one from the hospital Having scored a few too many hits of acid back in the day as well as present day , she wafts in and out of a perpetual purple haze Considering Jim Morrison to be God, she listens to him via The Doors albums as well as when she finds him standing beside her on occasion Mr Mojo risin Oh, indeed This story calls into play something very dangerous the word deserve What do any of us really deserve And to the point, who is in charge of deciding such a thing I am so impressed with Robert McCammon He can spin a tale right up there with the best of them This one hits the ground running with a particularly gnarly scene, then maintains its intensity at a fever pitch I would not consider it to be quite as high caliber as BOY S LIFE, but it is crazy good.

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    This is a horrifying book First, imagine your child stolen from a hospital Then imagine your child stolen by a homicidal madman This is the situation that Laura , the mother of David finds herself in The book starts off with a bang Enough so that I was unsure if I was going to be able to continue reading it Violence against children upsets me so the first time I saw Mary with her baby my stomach knotted.The action was fast and relentless leading to me reading late into the night The super human nature of the characters and the at times laxity in medical accuracy could have brought down my rating of this book but the shear intensity kept my attention and the interest high Recommend highly for horror thriller lovers.

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    Don t tempt a mother Mine is a story of two mothers, Laura and Mary Laura is a successful journalist whose last hope of happiness is her new born son David and Mary is a survivor of the radical 1960s who still haven t let go of the hallucinatory world of memories, guns, and above all, murderous rage But when Mary steals David from Laura, with almost no help by her side Laura sets out on a cross country trip to reclaim her son To win her son back, Laura might even have to become the monster that stole David from her With one being a savage clinging on to a world of fantasy and hallucination and the other fighting for her own son its a dirty savage race that can result anything Last year I read Robert McCammon s Swan Song which left me with such an impact that even now whenever I m reminded of it, I always drift in thoughts for a jiffy Since then I ve always wanted to try of McCammon s books But almost all his books being big ass in nature, I chose Mine as it is a bit short compared to the others Needless to say, Mr McCammon did his magic again Although Stephen King s books create bone chilling effects of horror, they mostly contain supernatural elements I m not saying that is a bad thing just pointing out Whereas Robert McCammon explores human nature and psychology to its limits in such dirty, filthy ways that even though I flinch while reading it, deep inside a little voice shamefully admits that in those situations I also might do quite the same And there lies the magic of great writing Mine showcases a different type of horror unlike anything I ve read before It clearly proves that good n bad are just relative words and human nature is just a result of the surroundings and situations Mine is pure horror, it is savage, raw, bloody and chilling Read it at the risk of getting graphic nightmares that might make you uneasy But if you are a thriller lover with a bit of blood n gore in it then this is just the book for you

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    This book was amazing Another winner from Mr McCammon Tense from the first page and only rockets forward from there I don t think I ve ever been this stressed reading a book, and I mean that in the best possible way It s a shame Mr McCammon s books are so hard to find in print This guy should be a household name.

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    From start to finish this was fast paced, for a nearly 500 page book it kept my attention the whole way through I think I ve found an author I m going to like.

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    Wow McCammon s first foray into non supernatural thrillers is certainly a successful one Despite approaching five hundred pages, the pacing never once lets up and the pages literally fly by The sheer suspense never lets up Mary Terrell, or Mary Terror, makes for a truly frightening villain, but one who feels chillingly possible in her psychotic state of mind McCammon really does a wonderful job of capturing this imbalanced woman as we follow along Mary s cross country rampage with plenty of bloodshed, hearts in our throats for the fate of the stolen newborn baby Mary Terror in all of her mad glory is a much scarier villain than any of his supernatural beasts.Mary s psychotic state is well balanced by Laura, the baby s mother Her character really develops over the course of the novel, and really comes vividly to life Along with the cast of minor characters, too McCammon is at his finest here with this gripping tale And though it covers a relatively short frame of time, there is something almost epic quality to it with the various locales and the backstories of Mary and others And though a bit abrupt, the ending feels very satisfying It now ranks among my favorites of McCammon s novels.The only downside that does slow the pacing a bit lies with the shifts in perspective With a predominantly female cast of characters, she is thrown around quite a bit, and though in the beginning Mary and Laura dominate separate chapters, as their stories converge the back and forth between them can become a bit confused Overall, this is a remarkably tense book and one that is nearly impossible to put down.

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Mine summary pdf Mine, summary chapter 2 Mine, sparknotes Mine, Mine 3e30736 Adrift In The S And Slowly Losing Her Mind, A Heavily Armed Former S Radical Kidnaps A Baby With The Hope, Deluded As It May Be, Of Returning Her Life To Simpler Times The Child S Mother, Though, Isn T About To Take It Lying Down And, Along With A Tracker, Begins A Cross Country Chase To Get Her Child Back

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