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Zombie txt Zombie, text ebook Zombie, adobe reader Zombie, chapter 2 Zombie, Zombie e7b79c Meet Quentin P The Most Believably Terrifying Sexual Psychopath And Killer Ever Brought To Life In Fiction The Author Deftly Puts You Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer Succeeding Not In Writing About Madness, But In Writing With The Logic Of Madness

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    I HATED this book It was excellently written and it did what it was supposed to doit scared the crap out of me This is a character study of a social deviant I don t want to spoil this for anyone who reads it, so I won t give away the ending, but definitely not something you read while lying on the beach catching your tan No escapism here You come face to face with the evil and cunning of the sociopathic and psychotic mind Be prepared to bathe in Dettol and then curl up in bed under the covers next to your favorite stuffed animal with your thumb in your mouth, your night light on and your mommy on the phone til you go to sleep when you finish reading it Kudos to Joyce Carol Oates for what I consider a brave, realistic creepy and excellently executed foray into the criminal mind But I still HATED itin a good way.

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    A Meditation on PsycopathyOates reminds her readers that there are people who cannot be considered human They lack something essential, some wetware without which they never fit comfortably among others This implies a scale of humanness Some are human than others This is the implication of Oates s journey inside the mind of a fictional psychopath Psychopathy is not something that any society confronts comfortably These people are defective, not mad How can they be identified By what criteria can we make a judgment to treat them as the sub humans that they are Terrorists, school shooters, racist skinheads, violent political activists most of these are technically sane yet something is missing There may be understandable genetic or environmental reasons for their behaviour but the fact that they are immune to reason suggests that they cannot be considered as full members of human society.But no one, it can be argued, is quite sure what constitutes human reason Nonetheless, whatever it is must start from the premise that argument, that is to say language, is the tool for conducting and, with luck, resolving disputes It is skill in the use of language, therefore, which is the distinguishing mark of the human.How to measure such skill The very narrow skill of the scientist s exposition among like minded colleagues The rhetorical skill of a lawyer presenting an emotional appeal to a jury The manipulatively mendacious skill of a Trump addressing one of his populist rallies These are all highly skilled in their way.In fact many are so skilled in language that they can provoke precisely the inhuman behaviour that language should permit us to avoid Their skill can promote revolution, which is necessarily violent, by using language against itself Language does not exist on its own It is contained and expressed in institutions courts, professions, political parties which have strict rules for how language can be used Skill in employing these rules is often important than the skill of language itself These institutions define the language that may be used and the reasons which are admissible in argument The likelihood of revolution is proportional to the seriousness of the reasons excluded as invalid Expanding the base of valid reasons in institutional argumentation has been the real achievement of liberal democracy Anyone who seeks to reduce the reasons available for institutionalised argument which is the equivalent of restricting democratic participation is a psychopath.The psychopath does not argue with reasons he states opinions as they occur to him particularly about institutions involving language Giving reasons is precisely what the psychopath does not do The psychopath has no reasons, only urges The psychopath doesn t want to extend the range of reasons acceptable in debate The psychopath detests all reasons in deference to his urges The psychopath is frightening precisely because he has no reasons for what he does There is no goal except the scratching of the itch that drives him He is not a revolutionary but a nihilist who has no hesitation in destroying all institutions of language, and with those the civilisation they enact My whole body is a numb tongue, says Quentin, Oates s psychopath His every utterance is a destructive distortion of language.These are the thoughts that dominate my life as I anticipate the state visit of the psychopath, Donald Trump, to this green and pleasant land Oates, it seems to me, knew the man without having met him a creature of the slime who is something less than a human being.

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    This fairly wretched novel is JCO shooting dead boys in a barrel I dunno, it seems like taking the easy option to me you takes your Jeffrey Dahmer you remember him, he was a lonely boy who wanted a gay sex pet to do his every bidding, and he read a book on brain surgery and he thought that if you drilled the right hole in a man s head it would stop him from realising you were a dangerous psycho and leaving, so he practised on a few guys who unfortunately like died which was not Jeffrey s intention, but he was practising, you can t get these things right first time okay, okay, I know this hobby of Jeffrey s is probably politically incorrect but he was a boy with problems anyway, Joyce takes Jeffrey and renames him Quentin, rearranges a few details, adds plenty of stuff which wouldn t have got into the papers Quentin does his DIY drilling, Quentin mucks about with his deceased boyfriends, Quentin gets in a towering rage with them because they die too quick and don t co operate at all, yes, a bit sick, true, but only.5 on the American Psycho scale and then writes the whole thing like it s Quentin s semiliterate journal full of VERY ANGRY CAPITALS and zany punctuation and endearing little hand drawings how to drill your zombie correctly Now then, I ve read What I Lived For and I know Joyce Carol Oates can write like a living goddess so that means she can churn out this Zombie kind of stuff before she s finished her morning muesli I think someone must have drilled a hole in Joyce s head.

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    A ruthless, blindingly ugly, revealing character study of a sexual psychopath.Joyce Carol Oates, I now officially forgive you for the tedium of We Were the Mulvaneys This book was all that Mulvaneys was NOT brilliantly written, brave, and maybe most importantly brief.It became clear to me after reading this book that Quentin P is based at least loosely on real life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, which is interesting from a historical perspective But I enjoyed reading this being clueless about that background I was immediately pulled into this story because the voice of Quentin, the main character freak of nature is so strong and believable We are privy to his journal in which capital letters abound as well as ampersands no and can be found anywhere in these 181 pages He also includes creepy drawings of eyes, ice picks, even a do it yourself lobotomy diagram He describes his depraved desires to turn a human being into his own personal ZOMBIE, who would passively and mindlessly do his bidding, in a shocking, twisted narrative Oates goes where few people would She spares no one, some parts almost too sick for even me to read There is no safe place to rest in this novella, no respite, no mercy No mercy, perhaps, until you close the book, and find that you are secure in your own killer free existence, with comfortable things like morals and conscience floating around nearby.But therein lays the brilliance She captures the character s mind with razor sharp accuracy, brings you there for just as long as you can stand, then sets you free.

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    Damn, Joyce, I didn t know you rolled like that.

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    Short, dark, and very scary like a tipsy 2am Uber ride home that instead drags you into macabre neighborhoods and makes you question exactly what your ultimate payment will be and maybe whether somebody slipped a touch of rohypnol in your margarita Things are OFF Way OFF.So You up for being freaked out and mesmerized for 200 pages Do yourself a favor and do NOT read the publisher s blurb or other reviews I walked into this book entirely blind and assumed because of the title that I d see dead people a la World War Z The only reason I read it was that a trusted GR friend wanted to do a buddy read I really don t like dystopian books or vampires or zombies, but doing one of those type books by this author OMG There is no way I d do that voluntarily Robin it was only our friendship that made me agree.Boy, was I wrong I am a total idiot which you possibly already knew The only title I was able to associate with Joyce Carol Oates was We Were the Mulvaneys, a book I ve never read but somehow pre judged as a warm, family relationship fest that was far too milk n honey for me to take interest I had no CLUE she was a HORROR writer and also was nominated for a Pulitzer.Better than that, there is not a single walking dead person in the entire book No dystopian plague or exorcists in sight The book puts you in the shoes of a reprehensible character, and because some of the events in his life seem like they were inspired by true events the reader gawks on wondering how much of this story line might be real Because, friends, it is VERY realistic October and Halloween are coming up, and while this is a short book, it is so disturbingly creepy that 200 pages is plenty No rohypnol will allow me to forget ZOMBIE Excellent and on my Favorites shelf._______________________ Joyce Carol Oates is not only one of the most acclaimed authors of our time her than forty novels, novellas, plays, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction works have earned her a National Book Award, two O Henry Awards, the National Humanities Medal, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination but she s also an acclaimed horror and suspense author who is a multiple winner of the Bram Stoker Award, a recipient of the World Fantasy Award, and the first female author to receive the Horror Writers Association s Lifetime Achievement Award Her genre works include the novel Zombie 1995 , the short story collections The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares 2011 and Black Dahlia White Rose 2012 , and, under the pseudonym Rosamond Smith, Starr Bright Will Be With You Soon 1999 She also edited American Gothic Tales 1996 and Tales of H P Lovecraft 2007 This year she retires from Princeton University, where she s been teaching since 1978. Lisa Morton, 2014 Interview

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    How to Avoid Being BourgeoisThis is not terrifying or monstrous, and it is not a shocking revelation It does not take us into the mind of a serial killer It is not harrowing, and it s not disturbing It is a strained and earnest attempt to imagine the kind of life that would decisively overturn bourgeois values But it doesn t do that, because the imagining of the Other is already part of middle class American life Even the most surprising lines pale as soon as they re read, because it becomes clear that they are imagined by a novelist, working in an upper middle class suburb, with the help of years of research into serial killers If Oates really wants to write outside of modern middle class America, she should write like Perec, or Roussel, or Bernhard Those are three very different examples, but they share two crucial traits that show how awkward and artificial Zombie is first, they are decisively outside bourgeois values their characters are the real psychotics, the ones who really don t care about the social fabric and second, they don t have to work so hard, with every line and image, trying to break out of normalcy They are already irreparably abnormal.

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    I generally like Oates s dark fiction her short stories are particularly good , but I chose not to finish this one I d meant to read Zombie for a long time, and was disappointed to find it utterly repulsive when I finally got around to it but not in the way you might imagine.I thought I knew what I was getting into when I picked up a book told from the POV of a sexually depraved serial killer dabbling in icepick lobotomies Browse my library and you ll see it takes a lot than that to put me off my feed I guess I imagined that Oates of all people would be able to tap that nothing human is alien vein, and give the reader some interesting insights into her narrator s disturbing psychology Unfortunately, what the reader gets instead is the raving yet vacuous diary of an emotionally stunted, sexually obsessed sociopath who frequently WRITES IN ALL CAPS to add emphasis He also draws cute pictures of his potential victims to accompany his romantic fantasies Honestly, I wouldn t be surprised to find he carries his tools in a Hello Kitty backpack What s really repulsive is that Q_P_ as he self identifies may just be the most vapid serial killer of all time Maybe the novel ends with a stunning flourish, but here s one reader who simply got tired of spending any time in such unscintillating company.To sum up, my disappointment with Zombie has nothing to do with its graphic nature, and everything to do with the fact that its protagonist is not only unlikeable but as banal as an adolescent girl with a crush I know Oates can write beautifully, so what s the point of writing badly in this case If you really want to get inside a serial killer s head, might I suggest spending the time with Patrick Bateman in Brett Easton Elllis s far superior and pitch black funny American Psycho instead

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    It would be wrong to say I enjoyed this one I didn t But then again, I wasn t supposed to Joyce Carol Oates has created a novel so eerie and unnerving that the words enjoyment, escapism, and entertaining are totally inapplicable But it is a masterfully written tale with the kind of skillfulness you d expect from Oates, who is a phenomenal writer I m not going to write much about this because I ve got other books waiting for me tonight, but what I will say is that you should only read ZOMBIE if you have a strong stomach If you do, though, you re in for an exceedingly skin crawling narrative And a main character so squeamishly convincing that he ll make you eyeball strangers with just a little bit suspicion Now if you ll excuse me, I m going to crawl into a corner and shiver for several minutes.

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    An unpleasant book, taking you, with absolute lack of Hanniballian romance, into the petty, insignificant mind of a serial killer The main character only wants to dominate pretty men he s as cheap and tiresome and disorganized and lame as a middle aged guy leering at you in a Denny s To destroy the romance of serial killing it s like that scene in Sandman where Morpheus takes away the illusions at the Cereal Convention, only the illusion is actually taken away, not handwaved as one of Morpheus s gestures A man with a dead end job, greasy stolen glasses, and a beige van with a flag decal in the back window Serial killing in its beige, potbellied, ALL CAPS badly punctuated glory.

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