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❴Reading❵ ➺ The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2) Author Sarah Langan – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2), meaning The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2), genre The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2), book cover The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2), flies The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2), The Missing (Keeper Series, Book #2) 50f642ee397e4 A Remote And Affluent Maine Community, Corpus Christi Was Untouched By The Environmental Catastrophe That Destroyed The Neighboring Blue Collar Town Of Bedford But All That Will Change In A HeartbeatThe Nightmare Is Awakened When Third Grade Schoolteacher Lois Larkin Takes The Children On A Field Trip To Bedford There In The Abandoned Woods, A Small, Cruel Boy Unearths An Ancient Horror A Contagious Plague That Transforms Its Victims Into Something Violent, Hungry And InhumanThe Long, Dark Night Is Just Beginning And All Hope Must Die As The Contagion Feeds For The Malevolence Will Not Rest Until It Has Devoured Every Living Soul In Corpus Christi And Beyond

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    My gosh Sarah Langan really knows how to hook a reader I could not put this book down, and even woke up early this morning to finish it I haven t read The Keeper yet , but I have read Audrey s Door, and one area of Langan s skill as a writer is her character development She s currently one of the best out there Some writers don t give enough detail to make a character real, others bog down the prose with constant details to try to create a character out of nothing, but fail Langan knows the right balance to give her characters personalities without boring the reader She can tell you all there is to know about a character through a simple act and a few thoughts floating around in the character s head A teacher in Corpus Christi, Maine, takes her elementary school class on a field trip to a neighboring ghost town One boy is left behind, and this boy uncovers an evil from before the time that men stood upright Thus starts an airborn plague through Corpus Christi that mimics tuberculosis symptoms, but eventually turns a person into a black eyed zompire like my new word with a taste for flesh and a yearning to run on all fours The reader comes to know a large portion of the townsfolk through how they experience and deal with this evil.When I first started The Missing, my heart sank when I thought it was going to be another drab horror novel where a group of brave and not so brave people battle together to fight and bring down an evil entity Oh, my fellow readers, it is not like that at all My blog review Sarah Langan has done it again kept me up till all hours of the night with a story that grabbed me by the throat, as is usual in Ms Langan s case The Missing is somewhat of a sequel to her debut novel, The Keeper, a story about another small town in Maine that battles its own evil.Lois Larkin, a spurned ex fiancee who moved back to town to care for a sick relative and stayed on in her untouched teenage bedroom, takes her third grade class on a field trip to a neighboring ghost town A troubled student refuses a field trip buddy, and is accidentally left behind when the bus pulls away When he wanders into the woods he is beckoned and then infected by an evil so ancient it existed before humans stood upright.The infection mimics symptoms of tuberculosis fever wet, labored breathing fatigue The sickness is airborn, and soon the hospitals are filling up, the schools are closing, and the townies are turned into zompires, returning to their homes, businesses, or anywhere else they need to go to feed and settle old grievances I say zompires because they re some kind of zombie vampire mutt mutt being the perfect word since they tend to run faster on all fours.What Langan is best at is creating an entire life for a character in a walk to get the paper, in a lisp and a forgotten lunch, in a memory that haunts any hour of the day There are no throwaway characters in Langan s fiction Every character, no matter how infrequently they appear in the story, has a tale to tell.Sarah Langan has been compared to Edgar Allen Poe and Peter Straub because of the deft way she has of slowly building suspense for her dark stories and carefully crafted characters Although Langan s stories can get pretty gorey, her dark fiction puts me in the mind of Shirley Jackson, whose introverted characters made The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle the gothic classics they remain today.Langan has written three novels The Keeper 2006 , The Missing 2007 , and Audrey s Door 2008 The Keeper was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award The Missing and Audrey s Door won Bram Stoker Awards The odds are good that Ms Langan has a long and successful career ahead of her.

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    I think my only real problem with Langan based on her first two novels is that while she does a fine job of setting up the plot and establishing characters she seems to lose the thread of her own book toward the end I can honestly say I enjoy her premises and even many of her characters but they don t seem to warrant the same attention from the author by the end of the book Where the events and characterization are great at the beginning and in this book even the middle the end is loose, rushed, and often riddled with actions which don t match the characters and events that seem out of true with the flow of the story I think this does her quite a bit of harm in terms of the consistency of her books for readers In fact because of this sort of issue with The Keeper the first book in this series I nearly gave up on her as an author With The Missing she does a much better job of honing the plot and the action through most of the book is tight I only wish she hadn t rushed the ending and sort of listlessly handled some of the characters fates leaving their actions and situations feeling a bit hollow.

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    In The Missing, the reader is introduced to small, affluent Corpus Christi, a neighbor to the gritty across the tracks Bedford, which was destroyed in Langan s earlier novel The Keeper That said, it isn t necessary to have read The Keeper I was only so so on that one, but there were a number of stretches in it that suggested that Langan was, as a writer, a considerable cut above the norm for the genre However, the return visits to the town are pretty creepy, and left me wanting to revisit the earlier novel The story is told through a number of different characters, but primarily, through attrition, becomes the story of Fenstad and Meg Wintrob Fenstad is the local psychiatrist, Meg is the librarian On the Eve of Destruction, their marriage is in trouble How Fenstad holds on to his humanity, while defending his family, and battling his own demons, makes for the most fascinating thread in the novel The cause of all this distress, seems a bit thin and unexplained, considering the havoc to come On the other hand, there is something so visceral and horrific about the little boy s discovery in the woods that explanation seems unnecessary Bones Blood Death That s probably all you need to know or understand And if you recall, the details were not great when Romero s first zombie lurched onto the screen Sometimes less is Anyway, the days go by for Corpus Christi, and what initially seems troubling, people getting sick, acting strange, etc.,turns into something far deadly Langan, who has a medical background, employs her knowledge of disease and symptoms very effectively without ever overdoing it The Missing are never really missing, but they are different I m still not sure what to call the things in the book were zombie vampire things Whatever they are, what is interesting is what, beyond the great hunger they feel, motivates them Anger, Hatred, Resentment How Langan uses such destructive emotions for her horror was something I noticed in her earlier novel It makes for effective and intelligent horror, no matter the splatter and there s plenty of that These destructive emotions, however, are what Langan seems to be really focusing on, the kind of emotions that find a home in a collective intelligence that one might call Legion.

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    After seeing that Peter Straub raved about this one, I had to check it out, but it was kind of disappointing The story moved right along and kept me turning the pages until the end, but overall it was just another mysterious infection turns everyone into cannibals story The horror wasn t nearly horrifying enough for my taste The characters did build up some depth as we proceeded, but the author put me off them from the get go by using what I think of as the Updike Gambit describing people completely in terms of their raggedy nail polish and speech impediments, and then telling you much later that they have good points, too, and that they love each other terribly, although by then it s too late for the reader who thinks of them only as badly dressed and spraying spit whenever they talk I don t think I ll read the rest of this series.

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    A small town becomes infected by a sentient malevolence which infects everything in the form of a viral infection either immediately killing or changing its host If the host survives it becomes very mean and very hungry The initial infection occurs when the fourth grade teacher, Lois Larkin, takes her class on a field trip to the neighboring town abandoned after an industrial fire While there the teacher loses the class troubled child She is so heartbroken over being duped by her loser boyfriend that she neglects to notice that her high maintenance kid doesn t come back from the field trip The child encounters a voice which then infects him via an animal bite The child, in turn, begins to infect his classmates Meanwhile a parallel storyline involves the local shrink, his cheating wife and their daughter What Langan does well are the descriptions of a small town and it s residents that are so wrapped up in themselves that they don t initially even notice the disappearance of animal life, their neighbors etc The dawning realization that something is seriously wrong and the characters attempts to stay alive while still dealing with feelings of guilt, betrayal etc within a family kept me up reading this book way past bedtime What I found lacking was any sympathy for Lois Larkin I found her whiny and passive so her transformation and subsequent major role in the book felt a little weak to me I also found the descriptions of how the outside world reacted to the crisis, basically the government abandons the town, could have been beefed up a bit There were also a couple of characters that the changed ones left alone and for the life of me I could not figure out why Their food sources were runnin glow after all so why leave the police chief alive and running madly through the streets at the end of the book A small detail I know but bothersome.Overall though this one was a page turner and it good to see another girl playing in the old boys graveyard

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    This book wore me down.It seems like the author wanted me to look down on her characters, to see their flaws and understand that, collectively, the human race should really justgo Be done Goodbye.I get the urge, but it is tiring to read about I felt a constant sense of distance from the characters, nobody to root for, not really anyone to hate, just people to look down upon And then the ending, which didn t It made me tired I justit s hard to make an effort to like a book like this Yes, it s probably honest collectively, the human race is a train wreck that s destroying the planet But I can t like this book.The first book in the series, The Keeper, that I could get behind But this one wipes me out.

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    All the characters are very flawed, but very well drawn and vivid Without them, the story would be just run of the mill virus zombie ancient evil novel What was interesting to me was their reactions to the this outbreak of evil and how, often, they themselves were the instrument of their own destruction Warning, it is a rather bleak story.

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    So, I may or may not be sitting here completely freaked out Freaked out in a if you re sneezing or coughing GET AWAY FROM ME I DON T WANT YOUR ZOMBIE INFECTION kind of way I picked this book up randomly from the store where I work, and once I came home and found out it was the second in a series, I have to admit, I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did I rarely buy books because of blurbs, but when Sarah Langan was compared to Stephen King, and Peter Straub himself recommended this, I was like heck yeah I m reading this After reading the first paragraph of the prologue, I knew I was in for a good book I think what surprised me the most was the fact that Sarah Langan really did remind me of Stephen King Now, in my eyes at least, n one can come close to Uncle Steve But I see potential in Langan She doesn t quite have the literary finesse King does i.e I don t quite see brilliance here , but DAMN girl can write The biggest similarity to King that I saw was in the way Langan wrote her characters You re introduced to these characters, and within pages, you feel like you ve known them your entire life And they re real Not everything is hunky dory in these characters lives They have their frustrations, their addictions, their skeletons, and their demons Which brings me to another area where Langan reminded me of King she doesn t shy away from the raw parts of life She faces them head on and says it like it is And can we talk about the creep factor This whole book had me on the edge of my seat I was so anxious I even had nightmares the past two nights after reading this Part of what is so creepy is that as a reader, you watch as the virus spreads from victim to victim And you never really find out what these monster things arebesides pretty freaking evil There was gore, but a tasteful amount Enough to be gross, but it wasn t like a Saw movie The creepiest part though was that Langan dared to cross the line between fiction and non fiction, begging the question is this just a story Or could it actually happen Also, being worried about this being the second book I had nothing to worry about I wouldn t necessarily call this a sequel Sure, it picks up where The Keeper left off, but I don t think you necessarily need to read that to understand this one But now that I devoured no pun intended, I swear The Missing, I m dying noreallyno pun to read The Keeper

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    It s of 2,5 stars but since Goodreads is against half things I will give 3.I will start from the beginningThis story is a psychological thriller with horror influence for the most part The last one hundred pages it turn to a Zombie Apocalpyse with Crazy People Narratives That was it The last hundred pages are the reason I am giving 3 stars instead of 2 That and the innovation in zombies In this book zombies are not the same as other books They are a collective hive like Stephen King s Cell with a leader that remains a individual conscience and at the same time a collective conscience A virus with a brain Quite good I really like feeling Sarah Langan gives us with this book as we don t know nothing about the outside world of Corpus Christii village What is happening to the world What is happening in the nearer villages What are the CDC and army doing We don t know We ve got some good characters We met Lois Larkin, a school teacher who just broke off her engagement not for own choise and the marital life of Meg and Fendstad And at the end we ve got Danny the brother of the one who start it allAnother interesting thing was the narrative that at times becomes ramblings of thoughts of crazy people Unreliable narrators.My main problem is the closeness of this kind of writing with Stephen King Unfortunally I really didn t get it Most talks were one sided and at times they just felt wrong reading Maybe its me but, this review is mine, right The other problem with this book was the lenght There was entire chapters that could have been cut off, or at least halved, mainly the first two hundred pages.The ending view spoiler I enjoyed but that the same time I was what a heck All for this No insight on the world Is going to be a third novel with the survivors Maybe a third novel is on the horizont hide spoiler

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    Back when I spent too much time over at Jezebel, there was a discussion about the new wave of female horror authors.I decided to buy three books by highly recommended authors Come Closer by Sara Gram, The Harrowing by Alexandra Sokoloff, and this atrocious mess.Here s what I wrote back in 2009 I still stand by this review I am welded to this review.Ever encounter a horror novel where you decide if every character in the book perishes you ll cheer yippee Welcome to The Missing.Everything sounded promising The book won a Stoker award The author has a masters in creative fiction A few well respected and frequently read authors drooled in profusion over Langan s craft.Say what The immensely talented and always readable Peter Straub should feel ashamed for recommending Langan His novel Floating Dragon soared light years ahead of The Missing Kind of him to recommend a fellow novelist but please, recommend one who deserves the praise.The novel staggered along imitating a bad soap opera centering around a vague supernatural element of supposedly ancient origins Somewhere toward the last pages Langan decides to throw in a generic sentence or two to sum up the oh so nasty entity Talk about lazy.The characters act so conflicted they sound like they emerged from a bad Jerry Springer episode If I lived in this emotionally ugly Maine town, yes sir, I d want a supernatural entity to wipe it from the face of the earth to spare anyone else from experiencing the horribly twisted people infecting the place.Perhaps Langan should refrain from attempting horror and instead craft emotionally torn soap operas She excels in creating shallow female characters shame on her and cookie cutter, dominate males What Langan does not excel at is creating a truly chilling mood Blood splattered deaths, mind control and hungry creepy crawlies do not signify quality horror.

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