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    I may be biased because I was able to play on the lake with my dog Rusty and the enigmatic Wolf Called Romeo Nick Jan s wrote an authentic account of a time in Juneau that really did bring people together After finishing this book I got to thinking how Nick Jans has immortalized a bit of nature history and has written such a descriptive account of this time, that even if you didn t live in Juneau during this time, you could experience the magic I miss Romeo

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    A profoundly moving and enlightening book about a wolf that appeared out of the woods one day to accompany the author on his daily ski near Juneau, Alaska Soon it was evident that this wolf, with no mate or pack of his own, enjoyed the company of several other locals, and particularly liked to play with their pet dogs The town was soon divided into those who thought the only good wolf was a dead wolf, and those who felt touched and inspired by being allowed to share the company of a wild animal by that animal s own free will.Part memoir and part natural history, the author provides an educated portrait of a unique and mysterious personality, yet manages to treat the highly emotional issue of wildlife control in a balanced and professional manner Romeo interacted with the residents and pets of Juneau for several years, becoming something of a town mascot, unaware of the tightrope he was walking simply to remain alive I would recommend this book to anyone who has a heart Even teens who ve tired of zombies and the apocalypse Beautifully written.

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    A Wolf Called Romeo tells the one of a kind story of a lone black wolf a wild wolf who became a fixture in Juneau, AK over the course of several years During the time that Romeo spent near the Mendenhall glacier many of the people there, and their dogs, witnessed a wild wolf who was non threatening to humans and seemed to relish the opportunity to play with the local dogs, something he did daily as townsfolk came to witness this friendly wolf Jans tells the story in an almost conversational manner coupled with insight into wolves, what it means to be wild, humans, and how the two relate The story is a powerful one that Jans relates so well that I found myself compelled to get back to it and to finish it as soon as possible This is the kind of story that will stay with you well after you ve read it Haunting, compelling, very well done, and highly recommended

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    A surprisingly good book surprising because it s titled A Wolf Called Romeo and it s written in an initially offputtingly breezy style But it s loaded with facts about wolves that quite accurately sum up a lot of the science that I recently learned while writing my own book which has a long consideration of wolves Beyond Words What Animals Think and Feel For 6 years in the early 2000s, a wild wolf cavorted with humans and their dogs just outside Juneau, Alaska As you d expect or maybe the opposite of what you d expect the wolf acted better than the people.

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    Buddy Read with my best friend Saman For the animal shall not be measured by man In a world older and complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear They are not brethren, they are not underlings, they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time.I ve wanted to read this ever since I watched that video below To be honest, it wasn t what I expected it to be I imagined it being a collection of only Romeo and his visits and his story with the people of Juneau It was than that and I m glad I d recommend seeing that video below though it might contain one big spoiler the only real spoiler But it was the how I found this book and fell in love with it I loved most parts and I was angry at the rest Human cruelty towards animals is so unreasonable This is the true story of Romeo, a wild black wolf, who came to the human world bearing only friendship and good intentions He affected many lives and he still is Nick Jans writes magnificently and gracefully about the encounters he and his fellow citizens had with the wolf over the years You almost get lost in it Plus, there are pictures at the end of every chapter taking us to that time and place It might not have been so believable for most people if not for the sheer reality of it all Other than encounters with Romeo and his life with the dogs and people of Juneau, the human behavior and attitude towards wild animals and specifically wolves have been explained in detail and over different time periods and generations, thus helping us understand the true danger and the chances that were against Romeo s survival near humans view spoiler I wish he had survived somehow and that he got to get old It s even worse that both killers escaped and all the state cared about was keeping it low The loss is real and most people just don t understand hide spoiler

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    A Wolf Called Romeo, is an emotional roller coaster Up, when author Nick Jans is interacting with the wolf or discussing others who formed a tight relationship, and down when the scientific and legal interludes cool his fine narrative There are comfortable level portions that are informative, and allow a reader to rest his heart rate until it comes back to walking, talking, and interacting with the wolf called Romeo In Alaska we often get opportunities to interact with wild creatures, but this long lasting intimate, tolerable affair far surpassed an occasional relationship Plus this book is a work of beauty Get it Read it Don t loan it out unless you keep the dust cover in the cupboard while it s gone.

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    I have to make this review short as I am so angry This is a beautiful story of a most precious black beauty wolf that had a wonderful bond with humans dogs He frolicked and played with them and went on walks with them and their humans He was loved by many with exceptions of those few wolf hating jerks around I would loved to have seen him I was touched by the woman with cancer who s family would bring her out to see him She loved her time seeing him I have a great love for Harry and his dog who were best friends with him and tried to protect him But, as we all know would happen a damn jerk hunter killed him Him and his friend snuck out and did it All I have left to say is there is a special place in hell for people that desroy all beautiful things whether it be animal or human Thank you for sharing Romeo s story I also love he got a memorial made for him It says ROMEO 2003 2009 THE SPIRIT OF JUNEAU S FRIENDLY BLACK WOLF LIVES ON IN THIS WILD PLACE.

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    Who s Afraid of Alaska Woolf Nick Jans was a hunter and a wilderness guide who hunted alongside Native Alaskan tribes, but he lost his bloodlust and traded his knife and rifle in for a pen and a camera Living in Juneau, with a glacier practically thawing in his backyard he and his dogs encountered the wolf that would come to be known as Romeo He was a lone wolf, not a member of a wolf pack Still, he seemed to be not only surviving on his own, but healthy and thriving Only one piece was missing from his puzzle This Romeo lacked a Juliet He was a lone wolf, but also a lonely wolf He sought companionship in the strangest places the dogs of some lucky Juneau residents, and by proxy, their owners Besides Jans, his wife and their dogs, two other groups formed the strongest bond with Romeo Hyde, a photographer, and his dog and Britain, a dog and her owner Many other Juneauites and tourists were also able to get close to Romeo There is always a chance for catastrophe when wild animals encounter humans, but for quite some time disaster was averted Though Nick Jans is biased to the extreme towards Romeo, he offers plenty of evidence to support his version of events At one point a beagle named Tank chases after Romeo and disappears, but though the dog s bereaved owner is certain Romeo is to blame, Jans offers alternate scenarios, or at the very least, mitigating circumstances Other close calls with Pugs and Pomeranians were shrugged off Meanwhile Romeo is described as all but walking on water strike that He is shown literally walking on water The lake is still frozen over but water from melting glaciers is flowing over it at a depth of a few feet allowing Romeo to walk on water This is described as a miracle along with the miracle of Romeo surviving as long as he does, and returning to the place season after season where he is so revered Though Nick Jans is definitely a partisan in favor of Romeo in particular, and wolves and wildlife in general, he states a compelling case, and I tend to agree with his verdicts The bottom line is that A Wolf Called Romeo is an enjoyable and inspiring book that will have you howling at the moon.

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    I thought this book was a nice story of a remarkable animal, who lived a great life that ended too soon I am also happy that Romeo s story is out there for everyone to hear However, It s tragic that his killers did what they did and got away with it Being a lawyer jd cadidate as of this writing it is sad someone didn t step in as an advocate for the wolf and use back channels like Romeo s killer s lawyer did I wish they could still do something, but at least its consolation that both of these men incurred a lot of legal fees, lost jobs and privileges, and created public scorn they had taken for granted before the killing Thank you Nick Jans for writing this story It was truly enjoyable.

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A Wolf Called Romeo download A Wolf Called Romeo, read online A Wolf Called Romeo, kindle ebook A Wolf Called Romeo, A Wolf Called Romeo b53e10c42236 The Unlikely True Story Of A Six Year Friendship Between A Wild, Oddly Gentle Black Wolf And The People And Dogs Of Juneau, Alaska No Stranger To Wildlife, Nick Jans Had Lived In Alaska For Nearly Thirty Years But When One Evening At Twilight A Lone Black Wolf Ambled Into View Not Far From His Doorstep, Nick Would Finally Come To Know This Mystical Species Up Close As Never Before A Wolf Called Romeo Is The Remarkable Story Of A Wolf Who Returned Again And Again To Interact With The People And Dogs Of Juneau, Living On The Edges Of Their Community, Engaging In An Improbable, Awe Inspiring Interspecies Dance And Bringing The Wild Into Sharp Focus At First The People Of Juneau Were Guarded, Torn Between Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Instincts And Curiosity But As Romeo Began To Tag Along With Cross Country Skiers On Their Daily Jaunts, Play Fetch With Local Dogs, Or Simply Lie Near Nick And Nap Under The Sun, They Came To Accept Romeo, And He Them For Nick It Was About Trying To Understand Romeo, Then It Was About Winning His Trust, And Ultimately It Was About Watching Over Him, For As Long As He Or Anyone CouldWritten With A Deft Hand And A Searching Heart, A Wolf Called Romeo Is An Unforgettable Tale Of A Creature Who Defied Nature And Thus Gave Humans A Chance To Understand It A Little