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Lost Boy Lost Girl summary Lost Boy Lost Girl, series Lost Boy Lost Girl, book Lost Boy Lost Girl, pdf Lost Boy Lost Girl, Lost Boy Lost Girl 0183e2351b Nancy Underhill Commits Suicide For No Apparent Reason A Week Later, Her Son Fifteen Year Old Mark Vanishes The Boy S Uncle, Novelist Timothy Underhill, Searches His Hometown Of Millhaven For Clues That Might Help Unravel This Horrible Dual Mystery He Soon Learns That A Pedophilic Murderer Is On The Loose In The Vicinity, And That Shortly Before Nancy S Suicide, Mark Had Become Obsessed With An Abandoned House Where He Imagined The Killer Might Have Taken Refuge No Mere Empty Building, The House Whispers From Basement To Attic With The Echoes Of A Long Hidden True Life Horror Story, And Tim Comes To Fear That In Investigating Its Unspeakable History, Mark Stumbled Across Its Last And Greatest Secret A Ghostly Lost Girl Who May Have Coaxed The Needy, Suggestible Boy Into Her Mysterious Domain

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    Not an altogether horrible horror novel It s not, bless us all, the diarrheal trainwreck that was Ghost Story, one of P Straub s most strikingly overvalued works No, this one has that Michael Myers like phobia of the suburbs, of the persons lurking in the house next door And if the biggest implausibility of a fifteen year old twink having sex with a salacious ghost girl doesn t strike you as too absurd, then the read is worthwhile But if like me you had expected to come face to face with the Dark Man the Shape the Boogeyman at the end of this, well, this might not be your type of book.

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    Peter Straub has a way with words Some people don t like that Too wordy , they say Well, I don t share that sentiment I could immerse myself in beautiful prose all day long, thank you very much.Now lost boy lost girlA review Yes I am here, yes I was real You denied me.This is one of the finest examples of literary horror I have ever read I would like to emphasize that Peter Straub does.not.spoonfeed.his.readers The literary bit is just as important here as the horror bit so an appreciation of the art is just as essential as an open mind This book is plenty creepy, but never resorts to shock tactics it just sort of sneaks up on you Although the story is different from, say, Ghost Story, the same sense of inevitability seems to be present, simmering just beneath the surface No, it isn t fast paced, but it doesn t need to be, because the story itself carries an unstoppable momentum You just know it s headed someplace Hasten hasten, night comes on. lost boy lost girl is told through than one viewpoint, and not chronologically There is a reason for this, but it could conceivably throw some readers off the scent The story is speckled with just enough hints for you to start forming your own conclusions along the way, irrespective of how right or wrong they may be Straub s stories are firmly rooted in reality, even the ones with supernatural elements The horror he describes, even though palpable, is often subtle and surprising in form We learn what we need to know about the characters in the way they treat each other, the things they say This is a story about real people in the real world, and bad things happen this is not a story about the bizarre, where reality takes a distinct back seat There is a big picture and it s the things scratching around at the periphery that rattles us, that eventually turns this story into a Horror novel Hurry hurry, little boy, do your worst, dark dark night approacheth.It s a rather clever story about the seductive nature of and here you can take your pick in accordance with your own interpretation of the story The unknown Evil and guilt and whether the resolution of the events is to your taste or not, you d have to agree that it is strangely hopeful and not exactly run of the mill Aren t you afraid How good is it then Well, you don t have to take my word for it, but surely Stephen King s opinion carries a bit of weight around here Also, lost boy lost girl won the Bram Stoker Award for best novel in 2003 and was nominated for the August Derleth Award.It s good Look at me, take me in, I am here. Recommended Added to Favourites

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    What s not to like in this book An all male cast filled with one dimensional stereotypes A major failing of the Bechdel test A serial killer sub plot that goes nowhere An evil house that does nothing A story about evil where the only person who dies is a suicide, and that s on page one A story about a ghost where the ghost who finally shows up just wants to have sexbut off screen, of course Wouldn t want anything to actually happen in this book, would we In a book of dull and offensive characters, only Mark Underhill stands out as a decently memorable person His uncle is a famous writer, which means he needs no other personality traits, ever His father Phillip is a walking steroetype of a racist and msyogonist who can t stop thinking of himself longer than five minutes There s the stereotypical tough talking cop, the plot device super private detective friend, in case Tim the famous writer needs an answer without actually performing any investigative work, the over confident but really stupid rich white male serial killer in his thirties, Mark s best buddy Jimbo, and Jimbo s equally annoying drunk dad, Jackie.There are only two female characters who have than a scene or two of dialogue, one of whom commits suicide, Mark s mother She rarely talks in the flashbacks, and her presence in the book, even in flashbacks, serves no useful purpose The other female bit character, Jimbo s mother, serves as a sex symbol for Mark, and a sidekick for grilling Jimbo with Tim She coos and says nice things to Mark, and then when Tim needs Jimbo too talk, she wags her finger sternly and repeats the same lines over and over Now Jim, you tell Mr Underhill everything you know But otherwise she stays barefoot and in the kitchen like a good little woman There is also supposed to be a female ghost, but she is only mentioned in passinghaving sex with one of the guys.So Mark is the only reason to keep reading, simply because he s the only one presented with any personality and no negative stereotypes In a book of assholes, he s the only who who doesn t stink But that s really not saying much, and the story frequently proposes that Mark is a super genius fifteen year old, and every cop who ever dealt with the house of a prior serial killer was retarded And blind And so is the current generation of cops as well I frequently found myself snorting, rolling my eyes, or yelling bullshit at the sheer lack of logic in most every scene.And the narration, oho ome o my o, what attempts at narrative emotions that pluck pluck pluck at the heart but fail to stir the organ itself And seriously, what did this guy s editor have against commas Like the sentence above, the narration FREQUENTLY tries over and over to be artsy, and instead it sucks up what little tension the book has left.But then it never had much tension to begin with because nothing happens What did happen is all narrated in the past tense in clinical terms It s split between a third person narrator and Tim the famous writer s dull journal entries, and this whole story is relayed in such a jumbled way that there is never a sense of danger or dread.The conclusion is a snoozer that frankly makes no sense The killer claims to have been emulating The Dark Man to scare Mark, but that does not explain how he appeared in front of a cop and disappeared twice The killer never mentions this either, so it feels like a loose thread that didn t get snipped out in editing This book was dull dull dull with a narrator oh me oh my who was oh so gosh darned irritating that I very much long to strangle him with typewriter ribbon The only reasons I stuck with this story are that I liked Mark and I kept thinking Any minute now, this is going to get scary It never did This book was a major disappointment I give it 1 star, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

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    For some reason I avoided Peter Straub like the plague until one day in my twenties whilst stuck in Penn Station without a book I happened upon a copy of Lost Boy Lost Girl and out of desperation bought it I have never looked back and as soon as I finished it I ran out and read everything else the man has written in something like a month Lost Boy Lost Girl is a ghost story but its also a story about surviving unspeakable loss Successful novelist Tim Underhill a featured player in several of Straub s other works though its not necessary to have read anything else ahead of time leaves his comfortable NYC loft and artsy friends to return to his childhood home in Millhaven to come to the aid of his horrible brother Mitchell who s wife has just killed herself Shortly after his return to NYC his beloved nephew Mark goes missing and he returns to his hometown to help in the search Mark had lately become obsessed with the derelict house that once belonged to a serial killer and had become convinced that a young girl was living there At the same time its become increasingly apparent to the citizens of Millhaven that a new serial killer is stalking the teenage boys of the town.Tim s search for his missing nephew leads him into the dark history of Mark s obsession with the house and its mysterious occupant and scares the holy hell out of the reader along the way Straub is like a lyrical Stephen King His stories are imaginative and frightening but also lovely to read You can see why they ve worked together so often Lost Boy, Lost Girl is a great first Straub novel it was mine and if you like I can t recommend the rest of his works highly enough.

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    This book was electric.A ghost story, but not quite a ghost story Mysterious, but not quite a mystery This is a tough book to pigeonhole under a single genre title and, in truth, I found it literary fiction than anything Though of course Straub is known as a horror author This book accomplished what so few do in the genre however, and was a carefully crafted rubix cube puzzle that continued to unlock a square at a time in a delightfully fulfilling way The characters were fully realized, dialogue crisp and realistic, but the two things that really made this book stand out were Straub s exquisite prose and the way he played with the timeline.This year I ve read far too many novels with a present storyline and a past storyline where the two come together at the end In this novel, the storylines are interwoven to such a degree that they re constantly traipsing over each other but in a much complex puzzle With journal entries and competing point of views, it makes for an intimate journey To give an idea of the complexity of the storylines and the way this novel is revealed, here s a great quote After reading a section of an early journal of mine, Maggie Lah said, You write your journal like it was fiction I said, What makes you think it isn t The plot is extremely simple A boy goes missing after his mother commits suicide There s a mysterious, perhaps haunted, house And the boy s uncle, a successful writer, who comes to play a major role in the unraveling of the mystery We ve seen variations of this a thousand times over to the point that the story itself almost sounds cliche Straub proves he s a master of his craft, however, and it s no wonder this was a Bram Stoker Award Winner Don t expect in your face scares or huge momentous twists, but if you re looking for a subtly nuanced story where tension and atmosphere bleed off the page, you ve found your next read By far one of my favorites of the year.

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    A haunted and inspired tale as only Straub can weave.

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    This book is the perfect illustration of why I don t read horror The author has one mediocre idea, and forcibly bolsters it into a book with flat characters, wooden, implausible dialog and embarassing attempts at proving he did his research on youth culture by tossing in some skate shoe brand names He s stingy with the scary parts, and if I want blood and gore I better stick with Palahniuk and Brite I thought it might be fun to read something creepy for October, but I may not be finishing this one at least not without rolling my eyes every other page

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    Even at the very beginning of my read of this short novel, I was on the road to a five star review In the middle, I was just as enthralled Oh, the places this could go A little further, and things began to unravel, and by the time I finished the last sentence, we had lost a couple of stars.First a quick detailing of the premise, no spoilers yet Lost Boy Lost Girl is about many things A mother that commits suicide, her husband who is a jackass, her son whose curiosity about the house next door is becoming an obsession, the crime fiction writing uncle who has come back home to attend a funeral and figure out why his nephew is now missing Also, a kid named Jimbo.Different aspects of the plot play out masterfully through different character s eyes, and the writing here is top notch The only part of the writing I balk at is the adolescent dialog between the two friends, Mark and Jimbo Try as anyone might, it always seems to ring untrue when adults write modern at the time kidspeak The story also has many different elements a ghost story equipped with a haunted house, a serial killer story 2 actually, and things literary, like broken families, loss all teamed up with a who dun it type of feel, albeit a shallow one.So, you may have guessed that the issue lies in that none of these aspects play out well or I should say to my own satisfaction The ghost story ends up being a few pages of nothing spooky The serial killer is just whatever Nothing is really resolved with the family, and what little closure is given seems pointless.Now, Spoilers The ghost, Lucy, is the daughter of a serial killer from long ago, who was the cousin of Mark s mother When the ghost shows up, all she wants to do is fuck Mark, and bring him into her world Mark says ok The End And, unless I got confused and I don t think this is really said in the book but Mark is banging his own ghost cousin once removed, of course His mother kills herself, and that is one of the two main mysteries The explanation of that seems to be that she couldn t face knowing what she knew about what happened in the house, and that didn t seem real So, in the end, the ghost story has no scares, and the serial killer story just kind of, ends We have a pretty decent backstory on what happened in the house before, and that was undoubtedly the most satisfying part of the book Then, we have an ending of two young people banging throughout time and space, sending poorly written emails, and badly shot videos to an uncle that I was never convinced was necessary to the story.Still, the book gets three stars based off of Straub s writing alone He is one of the best, there is no doubt about that, and in the hands of a lesser writer, I would never have finished this book I feel like there is some underlying level of clarity here that I just didn t find After doing a bit of research, I discovered that In the Night Room is actually a direct sequel, so maybe that adds something, and I will probably give it a whirl at some point Also, Timothy Underhill, the writer uncle, is in some of Straub s other books that I also haven t read , So maybe that justifies his placement in this book somehow From the back page, A wonderful webwork of a book It s funny, and heartwarming, and genuinely scary Neil Gaiman Sorry Mr Gaiman, I love everything that you and your wife do, but none of that is true.

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    The unsettling account of the connections between a suicide, a missing boy, a missing girl, a serial killer and a haunted house, Lost Boy Lost Girl is a strange amalgam of parts Even its narrative is scattered for such a short book, with a heavy emphasis on the uncle of the missing boy His presence is so dominant despite him being removed from nearly all of the plot, mostly learning of events after they happen that the intimate perspectives that come later feel out of place Straub summons some truly creepy notions, like a ball of various victims hair and an MPEG from the afterlife, but a good deal of the book is either unatmospheric and removed from substance like the needlessly long introduction or racing to make up for the boring parts It might have made a better short story if it had just followed a couple of characters and focused on examinations of the haunted house and the spurious sightings Straub s prose is the standard stuff found in crime fiction, except when he tries too hard to seem modern, namedropping people and things like J Lo, Everybody Loves Raymond, cellphones and skateboarding in awkward ways that are often even phrased so clumsily that they come off as a desperate ploy to appeal to younger readers But despite any shortcomings, Straub delivers a solid if inconclusive ending that s so interpretable that it might just warrant the book a second read through.

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    I was hugely disappointed in this book It is the story of a young teen that becomes obsessed with an empty house on the other side of the alley where he lives It is a house that horrible murders took place many years prior His mom knows the secret of the house and she ends of committing suicide and then the boy disappears There is a serial killer on the loose and the assumption is he was now a victim of this man There were parts of the story that were quite interesting but it did jump around a bit and I just, honestly, was not impressed with how this one went.

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