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    this is a 4 star book if you like it fast paced and page turning, if you want to stay up all night as you say to yourself Just One More Chapter, if you want an hour by hour narrative of an intrepid but often foolish group as they encounter heaps of perils and death in an abandoned, pyramid shaped luxury hotel, full of hidden passageways and rooms full of disturbing secrets and maybe even another group, except those guys are a bunch of murderous jerks, and hey maybe there s even a serial killer, and some bombs and death traps and mutant rats and a mutant cat and all sorts of grisly surprises, it s that kind of book you know, a fun book, a supermarket paperback you can read on a flight or at the beach I had some fun reading it, the author is a professional, he knows his stuff, he crams the book full of details from his own life experiences and all of the research he obviously did beforehand, kudos to him for sure, he can make a story that is all Go Go Go and that is chock full of blood and danger.or maybe this is a 2 star book for you too many info dumps, perhaps an exciting fast pace but you maybe skipped a bunch of pages because those info dumps were sometimes hella boring and a bit eye rolling maybe the dialogue was eye rolling too maybe the characters were just a little too flat for you maybe the backstories were just a bit too convenient and the coincidences just a bit too Oh C mon Now Really maybe that s why you gave it 2 stars even though you actually enjoyed it

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    This was an odd book Some aspects struck me as cheesy listening on audiobook , but man it was intense, and the bad guy is a piece of work Actually, there were other bad guys, which were a complete surprise and they were complete jack sses that made me want to jump into the story and do some b slapping.The genre of this book seems to vary as I listened At first, was it adventure Then it was mystery Then, horrorbut supernatural or human monster variety The violent parts come suddenly and are somewhat brutal Nothing I couldn t handle, but I was gasping in horror and talking to myself as I listened on my commute I m working on my language, and I had to restrain myself from cursing at the bad guys The characters didn t immediately strike me as memorable But Mr Balenger, well he earned my respect Goodness gracious, what this man has gone through But I have to say it really prepared him to be the hero in the ordeal that their little urban exploration jaunt into a long abandoned hotel on the Jersey Shore will bring them to face At first, he s a man who seems mysteriously knowledgeable and capable in emergency situations for a mere, mild mannered reporter And strangely bossy But then, you know why He comes through big time, and I definitely wanted to give him a high five But he s also very human The everyman sort of hero, kind of like John McClane from Die Hard, in a way I also liked Amanda and Vinny I felt bad for a few other characters who had some messed up crap happen to them.And the main villain What a sicko lowlife scumbag, for sure I mean, seriously What did I learn from this book Creepers, the nickname for urban explorers, are crazy as heck Every experience you go through in your life will come in handy, so pay attention Minutiae and trivial facts might buy time if you can spout them off when you are dealing with bad guy losers who want to end your life Stay my butt out of abandoned old buildings People can be seriously messed up in the head There is a such thing as poetic justice.I didn t love this book some parts just seemed cheesy to me , but it was an interesting read on audiobook At any rate, I was sucked in big time.

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    Actual rating is 3.5 stars.Over the top, full of unlikely events, coincidences and character motivations, this book nevertheless was perfectly paced and full of enough dramatic twists and turns to keep me flipping the pages until I finished the whole thing in a single setting.Like a strange hybrid of POSIEDON and the thriller movie IDENTITY, Creepers is non stop action and a heck of a good time that keeps things moving along at such a fast and smooth pace you won t bother to take the time to think about the ridiculousness of everything kind of like a Richard Laymon novel without the lechery.David Morrell is an incredibly readable writer, and even though I never got a good feeling for the actual layout of the hotel they were exploring it seemed to grow larger and larger as the story progressed , the action was well written and gripping.Recommended if you re looking for a good pulpy page turner I liked it enough that I plan to read the sequel, Scavengers, next.

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    I ve always been fascinated by the idea of exploring abandoned buildings but have always been too chicken to do it for real So you can imagine my excitement when I saw Morrell s Creepers, a fictional story about a group of urban explorers aka creepers About 24 hours later, I was finished I just couldn t put it down The story follows a group of urban explorers and one reporter as they prepare to explore one of the most mysterious hotels ever the Paragon Hotel Built by a reclusive architect, it was THE place to see and be seen at When the hotel closed suddenly in the 1930s, the place soon fell into neglect It is into this mystery that the plucky group enter into, only to find a bit than what they were looking for I absolutely adore this book I ve read it over over again the thrill is still there each time Maybe not as sharp as the first time I read it, but it s still a fun read I absolutely love the characters, especially since they are all written as flawed characters Everyone has something to hide, some than others This book will appeal not only to fans of thrillers but also to those who love the idea of exploring dusty old buildings.

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    I found the first 1 4 of this book to be a little slow but I am glad I kept reading It turned out to be a great page turner As I finished the last few paragraphs I was struck by the realization that Creepers could be described as Goonies for grown ups

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    I was excited to read this book I was open minded with flexible, not too high expectations The concept of urban explorers sounded right up my alley Also, it won the Bram Stoker Award.I was so disappointed It failed to deliver on setting, atmosphere, character development, character motivation, use of language, plot, descriptionevery aspect of storytelling except pace A decade after I read it, this book stands out as one of the five worst reading experiences I ve ever had.

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    I want four hours of my life back.

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    I had the most uncanny feeling that I wasn t reading a novel, I was reading a really detailed description of a film The first act includes some moments of hideously mutated rats leaping out from behind pipes, and as I read it I thought, Oh yes, this would be very scary in a film There would be a big swell of ominous music, then a loud screech of strings, and I would jump But I didn t really feel it when reading, because jump scares don t work in books I hope it s not spoiling too much to say that the denouement is also very cinematic So the book kind of fails as a horror because it wasn t particularly frightening.That aside, I enjoyed it It was a solid book I mean that it was very well paced, well plotted, competently written Lots of fun twists The hero is a Big Damn Hero and I liked him immensely for it The rest of the cast are rather 2D, but they all serve their roles fine, and get killed off in perfectly predictable order The dialogue is often laughably wooden And yet, it was so well structured in the 90 minute action movie style, that I almost enjoyed the craftsmanship than the story But what I really want from a novel is to be dragged into the story and what I really want from horror is to be so spooked that I have to stay up all night to finish it.

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    So I finally got my hands on something written by the guy who created Rambo Having expertise in firearms, executive protection, hostage negotiation and various other action skills and still suffering the death of his own child from blood cancer, Morrell is gifted when it comes to coming up with a good story and he has everything he needs to back up the action and the pain that fills his novels.Creepers is a dark thriller, full of suspense and casualties When a group of action loves who love to infiltrate old buildings in search of the past makes the mistake of picking the wrong place at the wrong time Past and future collides as the group gets trapped in an Aztec temple style Paragon Hotel, deserted and about to be bulldozed Amidst the rats, ruins and secret hotels rooms awaits something that is not dead, something that will turn their lives inside out and splash the walls with fresh blood The team consists of a college professor Robert Conklin, his two students Rick and Cora, friend Vincent and a new comer with mysterious past, Frank Balenger, well trained in survival and perhaps their only chance of getting out alive.Blinded by the dark, walking on rotten floors they climb higher and higher stirring the past with their discoveries The original owner of the hotel was not an average person, but a peeping tom with secrets of his own As the stumble into his domain they enter a trap as if they entered a portal to hell and what awaits them has no intention of letting anyone escape its clutches.Fast paced and very entertaining, it certainly kept me glued to the pages and the story went from creepy to bizarre but I loved the main concept and what was really lurking for them in the dark It was almost a mystery book mixed in with a healthy dose of terror and suspense I am looking forward to Scavenger which picks up with the main hero of this story.

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    A really fast paced thriller, and I ve never read so furiously.After James Hadley Chase s books, this is the only thriller I ve read without any kind of distraction from other books, or the temptation to try a first few lines of another book of my to read list just because I don t like what I m reading it just isn t keeping my attention No, that didn t happen with this one, and I ve read two awesome books successively that swept me of my feet with plot twist, mystery and vivid description of an expedition gone horribly wrong, so wrong that at the end of the novel, the survivors were asked that what the hell had happened to them the answer was The Paragon Hotel.The novel was vivid enough at some places, eerily vivid I think I haven t read the author s note at the end, but I know from the title of the note that David Morrell researched a lot, and he researched with love and enthusiasm.Somehow this novel is bound to make a reader get fond of history The details presented here isn t boring at all it s obviously dark, maybe fiction, maybe fictionalized, but I don t care because it s damn good.The incidents of the book happened at night, and I read this book through the night, and if there was rain and storm here I would ve been caught up than I am right now How I wish that happened But I just couldn t wait for the sky to come down heavy, now do I End of my kind of review that isn t a review at all I hope this book gives many other readers an awesome journey and elements of surprise Happy reading

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Creepers download Creepers, read online Creepers, kindle ebook Creepers, Creepers 217f48879131 On A Cold October Night, Five People Gather In A Run Down Motel On The Jersey Shore And Begin Preparations To Break Into The Paragon Hotel Built In The Glory Days Of Asbury Park By A Reclusive Millionaire, The Magnificent Structure Which Foreshadowed The Beauties Of Art Deco Architecture Is Now Boarded Up And Marked For DemolitionThe Five People Are Creepers, The Slang Term For Urban Explorers City Archeologists With A Passion For Investigating Abandoned Buildings And Their Dying Secrets On This Evening, They Are Joined By A Reporter Who Wants To Profile Them Anonymously, As This Is Highly Illegal Activity For A New York Times ArticleFrank Balenger, A Sandy Haired, Broad Shouldered Reporter With A Decided Air Of Mystery About Him, Isn T Looking For Just A Story, However And After The Group Enters The Rat Infested Tunnel Leading To The Hotel, It Becomes Clear That He Will Get Much Than He Bargained For Danger, Terror, And Death Await The Creepers In A Place Ravaged By Time And Redolent Of Evil