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  • Hardcover
  • 383 pages
  • Red Queen
  • Victoria Aveyard
  • English
  • 06 January 2018
  • 9780062310637

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    Graceling meets Selection Whatever marketing team came up with that tag for this series clearly never read the book Red Queen is Game of Thrones with Katniss as the Mockingjay with X Men in a tantalizing YA twist of magical perfection.Three quotes that summarize this series spoiler free Anyone can betray anyone Meet the Lannisters Silver Court and their current royal family Make no mistake, my girl You are playing the game as someone s pawn I am a fool Sooooooooo My initial reaction I have to wait another year Let me repeat I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR Yeaaaaa, I m totally cool with that Not.Alright Now to my actual thoughts on this book I marked the whole thing as a spoiler because I am lazy but yea, trust me when I say you don t want this ruined so read on at your own peril view spoiler 1 Little lightning girl Okay, yea, the way they use her reminded me a lot of Mockingjay Not going to lie.2 Cal Shame on you, you hot beautiful prince, you You were totally scamming AND making move s on your brother s girl I know you are supposed to come off as this nice guy but before Maven turned out to be evil I seriously did not like you I mean I was totally rooting for you and Mare gasps that dance scene but I was mad at you for being the popular likable guy when you were totally secretly making eyes at your brother s wife that you know he s falling for That said I still loved your romance scenes and I do like you I will admit to my sickness.3 Maven Maven, Maven, Maven. Hello Darkling meets Joffrey Kind of like Malfoy with a heart Y all know that scene in Harry Potter I m talking about So needless to say I am secretly in love with him Because I am shameless and always root for the complicated guy and or villain love interest TeamWarnerDarklingMorpheusJaceDamonSalvatoreDaemonBlack and now Maven.4 This book totally has a love triangle maybe , you can never tell with the childhood friend what s his name But strangely enough I enjoyed it It played out to my guilty pleasure side If Maven wasn t in this book I would totally be in love with Cal, and vice versa I loved them both The only other time I have loved both guys in a love triangle was Cassandra Clare s Infernal Devices series and even then I still obviously preferred Will, but I was definitely okay with both.5 There were definite clich s overused tropes You re going to be his brother s wife And he s going to war I am the little lightning girl, and I am going to make the world change but I was down with them Because tropes clich s are there for a reason We all secretly love them We just don t love them when the writing sucks.Only trope I hated the instalove with Cal Mare, I was cool with it until I apologize for the rant this happened Maven shakes his head He Cal will always choose you Really Yea, he liked her but now everyone was suddenly Cal will choose you over his country Umm NO That part annoyed me to no end because while I was down with instalike I was not down with instalove and I did not interpret Cal as that much of an idiot Thank the gods that turned out not to be true It s cool that Cal hesitated but if he had actually chosen Mare I would have lost respect for him Instead I gained so much for him standing up to her and turning her in Way to go, Cal 6 The brother Shade WTF Why didn t the Guard tell her about him if he was still alive That twist annoyed me They didn t suspect Maven so they had no reason to keep it a secret Maybe I missed something but that was the only plot hole of the book and honestly it was so small I didn t care.7 Queen Elara enough said Like any wife, she hates her husband for challenging her, and like any queen, she hates the power the king holds over her Now onto my favorite scene Let s be honest it was everyone s We all knew a big twist was coming but it was still SO EPIC And helloooo Darkling aka Maven I knew you were than just your brother s shadow He rolls his shoulders, cracking his bones to chase away an ache His motions are sluggish and strange, and when he settles back on his feet, hands on hips, I feel like I m seeing him for the first time His eyes are so cold The queen was way too much of a biatch to just stand on the sidelines with the most awesome power Whisper of all Because she already knew Because he is her son Because this was her plan all along When Malfoy Joffrey listened to Cersei Lannister Maven listened to his mother I had this image in my head Followed by a wish that Mare had her powers back to do this I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THIS BOOK, GUYS READ IT NOW I LITERALLY BOOKMARKED EVERY SINGLE PAGE AND NOT JUST THE MAVEN PARTS, GUYS, ALL OF IT And finally my favorite line of the whole book This was the shadow controlling the flame Yea, I know, I m teamMaven I know you are all TeamCal, hence I leave you with this hide spoiler

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    I just can t do it.It was boring, light and silly, and I m pretty sure I ve already read the basic premise of this book in Pierce Brown s Red Rising.I made it to 60% on my kindle and then skimmed for a bit, but I ve been attempting to read this book for over a week now and the magic was evidently lost on me When you re reading a book and you reach a point where you think is it too soon to DNF this , you know things must be bad It s so sad, though, because everything about The Red Queen was just screaming love me, Emily before I picked it up It s not because of the love triangle, either I ve said before that an author can easily sell me a well executed love triangle so nope, it wasn t that Let me tell you a sad little truth about this book and I can take it straight from the blurb Graceling meets The Selection in debut novelist Victoria Aveyard s sweeping taleThat s an odd mash up to use in your marketing anyway Like Gone Girl meets Twilight or something similar But, whatever, there was a rather distinct lack of Graceling in that 60% I actually forced myself through Maybe it comes later but I no longer have any interest in sticking around to find out There was way too much of The Selection s mean girl antics to make this book interesting.The part of this book I read was sooooo slooooow Painfully slow We re introduced to a world that had potential but remained incredibly basic, bringing nothing particularly new to the table There are two kinds of people in this world Silvers and Reds The former are the ruling class, have silver blood, and sometimes possess special abilities like mind control and elemental manipulation The Reds are a slave class who are ruled over by the Silvers and live in poverty.Mare is a Red who, in unexpected circumstances, discovers that she has powers of her own In order to keep an eye on her and learn about the powers she possesses, she is disguised as a Silver and trained within the Silver palace All the other women in the novel instantly hate her usually for no good reason and all the men see sunshine radiating out of the pores of her skin metaphor for cue love triangle.Ooookaayy And this is the description for Red Rising Darrow is a Red, a miner in the interior of Mars His mission is to extract enough precious elements to one day tame the surface of the planet and allow humans to live on it The Reds are humanity s last hope.Or so it appears, until the day Darrow discovers it s all a lie That Mars has been habitable and inhabited for generations, by a class of people calling themselves the Golds A class of people who look down on Darrow and his fellows as slave labour, to be exploited and worked to death without a second thought.Until the day that Darrow, with the help of a mysterious group of rebels, disguises himself as a Gold and infiltrates their command school, intent on taking down his oppressors from the inside.Of course, there s a revolution brewing in both books too And both main characters pretend to be members of the other class I mean it s like the word Gold was just replaced with Silver and all the socialist angst was replaced with high school bitchy angst.There was so little action in that first 60% that I literally had to force myself through pages and pages of Mare flirting with the Silver prince Cal and the prince s betrothed Evangeline hating Mare as soon as she set eyes on her This book was a constant showdown between the innocent MC and the bitchy mean girl and her gang of mean girls Hell you can even match the characters up to their high school cliques And I m sure Evangeline s meanness is going to be used as an excuse for Mare to run off with Cal and not lose any sleep over it Maybe not but probably.The main problem for me was that the revolution and the bigger war going on between the Silvers and Reds wasn t given enough attention I felt like the plot relied on the romantic aspect and the angst to propel it along Neither of which I cared about Farley scoffs You want me to pin my entire operation, the entire revolution, on some teenaged love story I can t believe this Across the table, a strange look crosses Kilorn s face When Farley turns to him, looking for some kind of support, she finds none I can, he whispers, his eyes never leaving my face.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Youtube

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    this was a re read for me my original review can be found here goodreads After re reading this, I stand by my original 4 star rating and my overall enjoyment of this book I want to make it clear that I know this book does not have the most original concept and it also uses a lot of tropes, but I still had such a fun time reading it I love the characters and the shock factor and the world I can t wait to give Glass Sword a go and see where Victoria Aveyard takes this story.

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    This was fantastic I thoroughly enjoyed this crazy adventure of a book I will say though that it did take a bit of time for me to really get into this book I also felt the world is still a bit underdeveloped for my liking, but I m hoping that I gain a better understanding for everything in the sequel Other than that such an exciting read, full of twists and turns that will leave you flailing all over the place HECK I M STILL FLAILING.

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    That plot twist though.That betrayal though.MIND BLOWNRed Queen was fantastic, especially the ending Wow

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis book didn t start out terribly I mean, come on royals with superpowers And a heroine from amongst the downtrodden servant class Okay, yes, that does sound kind of familiar, especially considering that said downtrodden heroine is a Red, but beyond that I didn t feel like there were many similarities And as much as I love Red Rising and Golden Son , I would jump all over it if I thought this book was a copycat BUT Sold as I was at first , the heavy handed descriptions and comparisons, piled on top of unnecessary flourishes, piled on top of still comparisons sighs For example The only thing that serves to distinguish Reds , outwardly at least, is that Silvers stand tall Our backs are bent by work and unanswered hope and the inevitable disappointment with our lot in life. Backs bent by work was sufficient to get the point across Unanswered hope lent poignancy BUT the inevitable disappointment blah, blah, turned a statement that could have been a powerful illustration into overkill Was this an isolated incident snorts Hey, lady This concept It s a good one FYI.And that wasn t the only problem 1 I hadn t given much thought to why I typically crave bloodthirstiness from my heroines Previously, when it was an issue, it was in regards to only two types of characters those who stepped up, and those who didn t.Turns out there s a third type She who makes the hard decision Are you with us, Mare Barrow he says, his hand closing over mine More war, death , Cal said But there s a chance he s wrong There s a chance we change it .My fingers tighten, holding on to Will I can feel the weight of my action, the importance behind it I m with you We will rise, he breathes, in unison with Tristan I remember the words and speak with them Red as the dawn In the flickering candlelight, our shadows look like monsters on the walls. Dithers over that decision Children The words rip out of me He s a father Damn right, he is And a husband, and a son, and a grandson, and maybe an uncle and a nephew, too THEY ALL ARE, you daft cow Then sticks her head in the sand like a fraking ostrich after the decision is carried out All together, twelve died last night, but I refuse to learn their names I can t have them weighing on me I ve said before that if you re going to be an assassin, you need to own it I m adapting that statement if you re going to kill someone for the greater good, you need to be decisive about it And if you re having legitimately conflicted thoughts, then maybe you shouldn t be killing anyone But regardless, YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS You don t go all Scarlett O Hara and say, I ll think about that tomorrow flutters hands delicately You know why B c Scarlett O Hara would make a damn terrible assassin, that s why.And Mare Barrow makes an equally terrible freedom fighter She s this BAFFLING combination of ruthlessness, pragmatism, compassion, self entitlement, and poor self esteem that causes her to constantly second guess herself.Beyond that I m not sure how down I am with the cause It s one thing to kill in the heat of battle or to premeditatedly take out a Bad Guy, but to play god, picking and choosing who will die b c their death will create chaos than that person over there frowns and squints The whole scenario sat poorly with me But my reasons for being uncomfortable were totally different than Mare s, so instead of bonding with her, I wanted to smack her.Sometimes MCs make mistakes They re supposed to learn from those mistakes that s what humanizes them, that s what spurs character growth but Mare never takes a hard look at herself She stays almost completely two dimensional, and I say almost, b c she s too selfish to be truly flat 2 Then there s if you haven t started noticing it already the melodrama My hands wipe at my eyes, though my tears are long lost in the rain, leaving behind only an embarrassingly runny nose and some black makeup Thankfully, my silver powder holds It s made of stronger stuff than I am. Crying in the rain Then comparing herself to MAKEUP and coming up short Really But this one s my favorite I wish things were different, he whispers, but I can still hear him.The words take me back to my home and my father when he said the same thing so long ago So long ago To think that Cal and my father, a broken Red man, can share the same thoughts makes me pause. Hmm you like tacos, too That s CRAZY Me, I friggin love tacos It is a small world.3 I don t hate all love triangles When they don t get ridiculous, sometimes I even like the tension they create BUT.There is something inherently sordid about messing around with brothers It s tacky Don t do it flares nostrils And I m going to have to stop, b c I m nearing my self imposed word limit But know that as well as being melodramatic and a coward, Mare Barrow is also self centered, irrational, AND inconsistent If you really want to hear me rant some , I ll spoiler tag it in my Goodreads review Beyond that, the book was 100% predictable, and the methods employed to overthrow the corrupt government were every bit as reprehensible as the government itself Not recommended.SPOILERY rant time Starting where I left off view spoiler Self centered The biggest gripe the Reds have with the Silvers is that when they turn eighteen, if they don t have a job and jobs are few and far between they are conscripted into the army The Silvers have been at war for over 100 years, and the Reds have always been their cannon fodder Fairly early in the book, Mare finds out that her favorite brother of three was executed as a deserter of this army She is understandably wrecked.BUT When the brother of her biggest rival is one of the Silvers marked for assassination, Mare observes the two clearly close siblings, and thinks If all goes to plan, he ll never hug his sister again Evangeline will have lost a brother, just like me Even though I know that pain firsthand, I can t bring myself to feel sorry for her Especially not with the way she holds on to Cal B c JEALOUS.But that s nothing compared to when she wakes up in a prison cell with Cal after they ve been wrongfully arrested for the murder of the king When it all goes to hell as YA books are wont to do in that last 10 15% 1 Cal learns that his evil stepmother the queen used her mind control power to make his mother kill herself.2 His evil stepmother the queen uses her mind power to make Cal unsheathe his father s sword and use it to behead him His father Cal beheads him Himself WITH HIS OWN SWORD.3 His brother Maven stands there and watches.And Mare s first thought Maven has betrayed me No, he was never on my side at all . flares nostrils again Now would be a good time to bring up how all that heavy handedness that drove me nuts also made the book incredibly predictable b c DUH, of course Evil Stepmother killed the Queen The second Maven showed up to meet the Red Guard along with Mare, I not only doubted his sincerity, but I also predicted that the whole thing had been orchestrated by his mother in a plot to get him on the throne in place of Cal The only things I didn t get with pinpoint accuracy were that Shade Mare s brother was the lone survivor from the 27 suspicious cremations I thought all of them were together somewhere, either being experimented on by Silvers or that they were already with the Red Guard and I thought Kilorn was also an Extra based on Mare s comments about his super sneakiness Actually, I still think Kilorn s going to be an Extra Anyway, it was obvious that Mare wasn t the only Red who had developed abilities, b c of all the references to her father s bloodhound like sense of smell Moving on Irrational My teeth grind together, chewing on the words before I can spit them out Did Cal tell you what happened He did, Julian replies evenly And he s right Don t fault him for it I can fault him for whatever I want, I snort, remembering the war books and death guides all over his room He s just like all the others What happened was that Mare lost control of her power when she learned that Shade was dead So Mare is throwing a temper tantrum b c Cal prudently had her training schedule changed to include practicing control of her gift b c he was concerned she might hurt herself or someone else Those war books and death guides HE S THE CROWN PRINCE His country has been at war for 100 YEARS Of course he studies battles and tactics, you ridiculous harpy.And when Cal is furious about not being able to fight his own battles I m a soldier, Cal spits, shrugging away from his brother s touch I can t just sit by and let others fight for me I won t do it He sounds like a child whining for a toy he must enjoy killing It makes me sick I don t speak, letting the diplomatic Maven talk for me He always knows what to say. Do you see why it was so easy to predict the outcome of this little shindig Inconsistent He thinks speeches are a waste of time Cal likes action, not words That makes two of us , but I don t want to admit I have anything in common with Maven s older brother Maybe once I thought so, but not now Not ever again. Umm Her entire thought process there is mind boggling Then several pages later And as much as I hate to admit it, I can t blame Cal for feeling caught between two worlds After all, so am I. headdesk hide spoiler

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    Actual rating 1.5 stars So, this is the 2015 mind blowing release I m just so fucking bored UNDERWHELMED is the word Mare is a selfish brat who can t shut up one second to look at something else than herself She keeps acting without thinking and gets numerous people harmed killed She s a special snowflake through and through, because she s special you know and nothing can be done without her She s in a constant need of saving and doesn t even acknowledge that fact There is a love triangle square but it s not what annoys me The fact that I can t bring myself to FEEL SOMETHING for any of these 3 male leads does annoy me, though Now, as bland and hollow as they are, I still don t understand what they see exactly in Mare but who am I to judge Why I care, I can t say. ME NEITHER, Mare, me neither view spoiler if I had to choose, I d take Maven though Because OBVIOUSLY evil grin smirk hide spoiler

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    You know that feeling when you read a particularly bad YA and you just have to set down the book and ask, why Why in the world did someone give the ok to publish this mess Why are the characters so effing dumb Why did I even pick this book up This happens on average once per YA book for me and Aveyard s book was so far above average that I was honestly impressed This book had me questioning everything WHY is everything always Mare s fault Her sister getting caught for stealing Totally Mare s fault. Rebel uprising Totally on Mare s shoulders. Causing countless deaths on account of her misguided sense of justice Wait, yeah, that one is actually on her There is a difference between taking responsibility for your actions and squeezing out every last ounce of sympathy for your main character This is a case of the latter WHY is everything repeated three times Is there a word count limit Aveyard was building to Did someone regift a thesaurus to her last Christmas If so, why can t she find any synonyms for Red as the Dawn That bloody crimson freaking dawn was the bane of my existence WHY is there so much angst There s excusable teenage angstand there s what we had to read It s like, come on, they Mare s captors literally made Mare read one paragraph of propaganda in exchange for letting her marry the hot prince Stop complaining about the torture they LITERALLY made you a princess WHY are first fridays even mentioned at all It s like in one chapter and then the entire city world totally forgot they were a thing It s like Aveyard was like, Let s throw in a bit of Hunger Games but then her editors said, Sorry, there s a whole series about that and then they forgot to delete it from the manuscript WHY did I pick up this book Don t actually have a good reason other than a friend said they thought it was terrible and wanted my opinion Guess we figured out that Audiobook CommentsThe reader really embodied Mare, which made listening to this book really terrible Every whine was emphasized, ever pout was poutedI ended up listening to this one on 1.5x speed just to get through it faster.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    4 1 2 stars You are not Silver Your parents are Red, you are Red, and your blood is red, the queen murmurs, prowling before the bars of my cage You are a miracle, Mare Barrow, an impossibility Something even I can t understand, and I have seen all of you I can t wait for this book to become a movie Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed this enormously, but I simply know I ll love it even on the big screen That way, we will actually see, in colour and with all its intensity, the Silver s abilities, superpowers Plus, it would be interesting to see how the author imagined her world building, for I had trouble visualising it while reading.There are cars and screens and cameras so it can t be an historical setting despite the slight vibe of it , but I wouldn t think it to be a science fiction one either or contemporary, for sure Basically, the author created her own world which is admirable melding Dystopia and High Fantasy as genres The result is pretty impressive, let me tell you.It was relatively easy to immerge into the storyline I wasn t surprised to discover that Miss Aveyard is in fact a screenwriter as well as a book author, after finishing this, for everything in the narrative flowed and was clear, aside from being fantastically written Really, I stand by my claim that this will make a successful movie Now we just have to wait and see.Mare the heroine is incontestably fearless, rather reckless, badass enough but not a ruler born She wants the best for her people and tries to free them with as much power as she can muster, but her taking rash important decisions draws affliction to her person and people around her A lot Lot If becoming a queen is her destiny, then she requires some character development I enjoyed her and her vision of a better world for Reds, but couldn t exactly connect with her I m of a thinker, ponderer, while she s definitely a combatant We could make a great team, heh, the two of us You know what There is a love triangle almost square but it wasn t a bother It made sense and, here and there, was actually strategic Oh, manipulation corners every chapter If you think that there will be no sacrifices collateral damages to getting the freedom desired, well then you might be quite shocked Not devious or as pitiless as the ones in the TV show Game of Thrones, but it wouldn t please me to be in Mare s place I ll just wait until the war is done to sneak into this world and conquer a prince s love, wink wink.Red Queen deserves everything it acquired thus far thousands of five star ratings and reviews from readers of all over the world, a discernable tremendous hype that got to me with much force and its standing as 1 New York Times Bestseller BD Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I m sure it s great if you liked Red Rising I did not like Red Rising.DNFed this around the 20% mark I hated the main character Stupid, selfish, destructive brat intent on destroying the lives of her loved ones with all the makings of a special snowflake I cannot stand selfishness when it involves harming the lives of innocents I can t tolerate this character I can t finish this book It s been a month since I tried to read on and it s just pointless.

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Red Queencharacters Red Queen, audiobook Red Queen, files book Red Queen, today Red Queen, Red Queen 9ce8d This Is A World Divided By Blood Red Or Silver The Reds Are Commoners, Ruled By A Silver Elite In Possession Of God Like Superpowers And To Mare Barrow, A Seventeen Year Old Red Girl From The Poverty Stricken Stilts, It Seems Like Nothing Will Ever Change That Is Until She Finds Herself Working In The Silver Palace Here, Surrounded By The People She Hates The Most, Mare Discovers That, Despite Her Red Blood, She Possesses A Deadly Power Of Her Own One That Threatens To Destroy The Balance Of Power Fearful Of Mare S Potential, The Silvers Hide Her In Plain View, Declaring Her A Long Lost Silver Princess, Now Engaged To A Silver Prince Despite Knowing That One Misstep Would Mean Her Death, Mare Works Silently To Help The Red Guard, A Militant Resistance Group, And Bring Down The Silver Regime But This Is A World Of Betrayal And Lies, And Mare Has Entered A Dangerous Dance Reds Against Silvers, Prince Against Prince, And Mare Against Her Own Heart