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❰Read❯ ➮ The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming Author Shreve Stockton – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming, meaning The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming, genre The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming, book cover The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming, flies The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming, The Daily Coyote: Story of Love, Survival, and Trust In the Wilds of Wyoming d71a209fc1a21 Best E Book, The Daily Coyote Story Of Love, Survival, And Trust In The Wilds Of Wyoming Author Shreve Stockton This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Daily Coyote Story Of Love, Survival, And Trust In The Wilds Of Wyoming, Essay By Shreve Stockton Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    Great unknowns were out there to be seen, felt, experienced this was what life meant to me, this was what life was for.I loved this book Loved, loved, loved it There.Telling the story of a surviving coyote pup who is adopted by a woman looking for her own life s adventure, this is a beautifully laid out hardback with arresting photographs by the author and text that involves the reader right from the get go How many books are there about adopting a coyote Actually, it s than an adoption Charlie the Coyote becomes a valued member of the family, joining Eli the Dominant Cat, who puts Charlie in his place immediately The woman, the cat, and the coyote form a bond of trust and loyalty, although there are trials and tribulations along the way This is not some cutesy tale about a family taking in a stray raccoon or a wounded dog It is a hard look at the policies currently undertaken by the United States federal government to rid the land of coyotes in order to protect the sheep and cattlewho are the intruders It is a hard look at how a man, who becomes involved with the author, has to come to deal with the early accidental death of his little daughter It is a hard look at the way Charlie starts to misconstrue the relationship with Shreve Stockton It is a hard look at the boundaries the author decides to tackle in order to save her relationship with this extraordinary coyote The baby coyote was darling defenseless and helpless The baby coyote was a responsibility, a commitment The baby coyote was covered with fat, brown fleas.When I found this book in a little bookshop, I had not heard of The Daily Coyote blog and website Instead, I purchased the book for its quality, the nice paper stock, the beautiful pictures, and the clumsy looking coyote on the front cover I found a treasure Even if you don t get the book, check out the website for updates on Charlie and his ever expanding family dog, cow, horse If anything, I finished this book realizing that Charlie has as much a right to a life filled with his family members as any human And when we only believe what has been said before, what has been done before, we give our own power away.Book Season Spring share the land

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    The Daily Coyote Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming by Shreve Stockton Hardcover 2008 304 pages Nonfiction.A great read with stunning photographs about the daily life and learning curve of a lady raising a beautiful coyote pup to adulthood Highly recommend for canine lovers Picked this up at the local thrift.

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    I delighted in this story of raising a coyote pup and was thoroughly envious of the wonderful photography included Though Shreve made no bones about the challenges involved in raising little Charlie, I was immediately enad of the idea Having long felt an affiliation for the trickster, this story immediately appealed to me, but I was also engaged by Shreve s conversational tone, her musings, and her relations of the Wyoming life in which she found herself Beyond the heart warming story of Charlie, Shreve left me contemplating the path my own life has taken and has yet to take Her courage and audacity is inspiring.

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    The greatest thing about this book is the photos Charlie is the star of the show, and Shreve has captured him in all of his moods and stages of development She has a degree in photography, and the pictures are delightful It would be easy enough to nitpick about the flaws in this book, but I won t do it because it seems like too much of a cheap shot The author never intended to write a book She was approached by publishers and she gamely stepped up to the challenge, with a six month deadline I doubt I could have done as well I was surprised that she didn t definitively establish herself as the alpha from day one with Charlie I sort of thought everyone knew that, but then she did say she d never had a dog before She ended up doing a lot of remedial work to deal with some serious and potentially dangerous behavioral and aggression problems when Charlie got to be about nine months old He certainly showed that he was still a wild animal I got a kick out of the way her cat Eli was really the king of the castle He s the true alpha, over both Shreve and Charlie Even when Charlie started becoming aggressive, he was always totally obsequious toward the cat Funny

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    Delightful book This is a year in the life of Shreve Stockton while struggling to survive in the harsh elements of Ten Sleep, Wyoming The timeframe is from April to April, and depicts the author s life with a coyote puppy she named Charlie How they loved and cared for each other How they reached an understanding and how she stablished who was boss of the house Shreve also found love in Wyoming the human kind She shares abit about her relationship and struggles with Mike and his job as a controlled hunter, of sorts, with the Bureau of Land Management The author incorporated her struggles with the harsh Wyoming elements wind , jobs she took, her daily life living with a wild animal that had so much personality As Charlie grew, he became harder to handle and didn t see Shreve as the boss most of the time At the flip of a switch Charlie could go from wild to loving Interesting how she overcame this.A lot of things happen around Charlie The amazing instincts Charlie had Grapes are poisonous to dogs who knew and Shreve was giving Charlie grapes to play with and eat Charlie began eating a burnt tree He was ingesting Charcoal The way Charlie hid his food around the house for later But, even with his wild nature, he was a very loving animal most of the time Belly rubs, obedient and a big baby I m smiling as I recall Charlie s relationship with Eli the cat and one of Mike s dogs who killed coyote puppies in their dens The author didn t state, exactly, how old she was, but I estimate her to be in her late 20 s or early 30 s at the time of the events in the book Originally from the Seattle area, then a New York City transplant, Shreve starts her memoir leaving San Francisco after living there two years She was looking forward to getting back to New York City, where she called home On her drive home on a Vespa she went through Wyoming and fell in love with the nature, but continued home On a whim, she searched the Internet for a rental in Wyoming and made her move no job, just hope and a lot of courage.She seemed determined to make it on her own even amongst the ridicule from some Shreve doesn t mention her family directly, but a few friends from her past keep in touch with her via the Internet and what started out as daily coyote updates turned into a business I cried, laughed and chuckled through much of the book People have to do what they feel they have to do and Shreve did just that Shreve You should stop into the church and say hi I feel a sequel.

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    I loved this book beyond the boundaries of all reason I think it was a case of the exact right book hitting me at the exact right time I picked this up from a Borders going out of business sale Those are always fun because you never know what you ll find I d heard about this book, but I m not sure I would have read it if I hadn t been able to flip through it and have the photos completely suck me in Shreve Stockton is a professional photographer who was, at first, unfathomable to me Mainly because she was living in San Francisco fairly close to Heaven, Heaven here defined as the coast of Monterey Bay and couldn t wait to get back to New York City human anthill, smells of feet I know, I know, center of culture, throbbing commercial heart of the country, city that never sleeps, blah blah blah, still a human anthill, still smells of feet To do this, she drove her Vespa across the country and, inevitably, fell in love with Wyoming She continued on to New York City, thinking it was just infatuation and she d get over it, but she didn t You don t get over falling in love with the land out there So, from NYC, she called and rented a house in Ten Sleeps, Wyoming a city she picked, I suspect, because of its poetic name as well as its location.She moved out to Wyoming and loved it She documents her life as she meets the locals, becomes accustomed to the sky and the rhythm of life, and falls in love with the requisite blue eyed handsome cowboy.Here s where the book got tricky for me Her cowboy is employed shooting coyotes I don t agree with killing predators like that I understand the sheep have to be protected, but I completely disagree with this method of doing it, and there s something repulsive to me on a very primitive level about deliberately killing any healthy canid However, that s what Mike said blue eyed handsome cowboy does for a living, and Shreve loves him anyway But what really wins her heart is the day he kills two coyotes parents and brings her the surviving kit, instead of killing it as he d usually do Here s where I really need the disclaimer I don t approve of this behavior However, I also don t approve of slavery, lying, or stealing your sister s fiance, and I still loved Gone with the Wind So here I can t condone the actions, but I can love the rest of the story.Shreve takes the coyote in, names him Charlie well, actually Mike named him and raises him He s eminently photogenic, so she begins taking pictures of him and sending them to her friends and family back east About the time she noticed she was doing it every day without fail, she began calling the emails Your Daily Coyote That lead to a blog and, eventually, a paid subscription that you can still subscribe to which helps support Shreve s adventures.The changes in her behavior and mindset that she had to make when raising Charlie changed Shreve s life Her internal reflections and the way she thinks are wonderful and charming She has a knack for writing the humor of everyday life I loved her adventures with the geese The small minutiae of her life, and the poetry in the way she narrates, are what make this book a gem.Also, this book made me think kind thoughts about Cesar Milan, which is really a pretty phenomenal feat.

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    I read this book and though I did enjoy the theme of the unusual human animal relationship, I was frequently distracted by the authors overwhelming opinions on how to live life I felt the author was extremely hypocritical throughout the book, insisting that those leaving negative comments regarding her Charlie the coyote had no right to judge because they didn t know her or Charlie and there for had no basis for comment However, she had no quams about judging Mike her boyfriend and pointing out how he has wrongly handled the death of his daughter Throughout the book there are many strong opinions on how Shreve feels people should act, not act, think, not think, etc and by the end of the book I was actually a little irritated with her Her strong beliefs were honestly overbearing and really took away from what the story was actually supposed to be focused on, Charlie and Her.

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    When I picked up this book I expected an interesting animal story, and instead found an absolutely engaging page turner about a wonderful young woman s search for herself in Wyoming I read it cover to cover in a day this is one of the best books I have read in years.The story of the author s unexpected fork in the road the choice to allow a tiny baby coyote to be drowned or to take on its care for life and the path she took illuminates so many things about her, and about all of us as human beings This is a remarkably well written memoir about a fascinating person and her fascinating animal family It is a story of about love, both between humans and animals and between a man and a woman both stories about figuring out how to be an individual, how to trust, how to overcome fear, and how to accept that we can t always be in control in life It is also illustrated by some of the most beautiful and compelling wildlife photography I have ever seen Shreve Stockon is a great photographer.The characters of her book are all complex and skillfully portrayed Shreve herself is my new heroine a free spirit determined to believe in life and love, despite the knocks and pain she experienced along the way She is brave, even when terrified She is wise, even when she is naive or foolish She takes chances few people would risk, and in the process redefines the boundaries of her own life It s not at all surprising that a spirit like hers is moving towards a happy ending at the close of the book.Mike, Shreve s friend and boyfriend, is also a very complex person Kind, solid, brave, genuine, and also willing to take a chance after enduring a great deal of heartache, he is another person we feel privileged to come to know through this book I was rooting for Mike throughout the book, just as Shreve seems to be.Charlie, the coyote Shreve and Mike share their lives with, will be absolutely fascinating to anyone who has ever raised a puppy through adolescence and the accompanying rough patches, as well as anyone who is interested in the unique character of coyotes and wolves This is both the story of a unique and accidental family and an intriguing account of coyote behavior.As a person who cares deeply about wildlife, and someone who worked in conservation education for many years, I understand that there are people who will not approve of the choice made by Shreve I was afraid for her and for Charlie as I read this book, knowing that their fate rested on the edge of a knife, with disaster and heartbreak always looming as very real possibilities But in the end I believe that Shreve s choice was the right one for her, and I have tremendous respect for her huge heart, toughness, independence, and willingness to take a chance on love Her willingness to trust in the goodness of strangers has brought a great deal of joy into her life I sincerely hope that they will be able to continue to find happiness together.Finally, since I think the author may read our reviews, I just wanted to add a note for her I feel sure there will be film offers made for this story If so, don t take the first offer and keep some rights of approval over the script don t let them change what is true about Charlie, what is amazing about you, and what is complicated and good about Mike You really have inspired me to think about what makes a good life I ll be thinking about your book for a long time, and hope a sequel will follow.

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    The author, Shreve Stockton, is a young woman who was moving from San Francisco to New York and fell in love with Wyoming during that part of the trip So she moves to a small, rural town in Wyoming and gradually integrates into the rural Wyoming life Along the way a friend, who is a paid coyote hunter, gives her an infant coyote pup Stockton ends up raising the coyote and the book focuses on that but also includes her descriptions of the rural lifestyle, her teaching experience, her rancher coyote hunter boyfriend, her small cabin etc..It is a fun, balanced read She has a nice sense of humor but also addresses the serious issues in the book She acknowledges the controversy about raising a wild coyote in rural Wyoming both from anti coyote ranchers and also from others who do not believe it is ethical or appropriate to essentially domesticate a wild animal She explains her actions while understanding the different perspectives and also discusses her hurt when receives personal criticism a lot which comes through a blog she started on Charlie the coyote But I want to emphasize that while there are serious discussions, it mainly a fun, balanced enjoyable read

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    It was a wonderful story Loved Shreve s writing style, it was done in such a way that you didn t want to put the book down It was differcult at tines to hear how the friend of Shreve s goes out to cull Coyote on a daily basis I know some people will be up at arms over her choice of taking in a wild animal I think she did well in taking in Charlie His best interest were foremost in Shreve s mind I think Charlie needed food and shelter He came away with those plus many other things joy, sense of belonging, and he touched one person who has the power to inturn touch many others As humans we need to know and love something to want to save it Shreve and Charlie helped to teach us that If Charlie could have had a normal and viable life just living his life as any Coyote does I can t say which life Charlie would have chosen had he the chance to pick I so believe we need to learn to live with the animals not the other way around.Great read and beautiful pictures.Will follow on Charlie s and Shreve s website.Recommend to a friend

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