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    so who the fuck let it slip that I cannot resist books with beautiful soft flower boys on their covers

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    No amount of money, love, or support can protect you from a society intent on killing you for your blackness, and shows that a community that has been taught that anyone not straight is dangerous All Boy s Aren t Blue is Johnson s memoir manifesto designed to encourage queer black boys to uncrate the layers of their masculinity and racialized existence All Boys Aren t Blue is an effervescent interrogation of compulsory heterosexuality and crushing gender centric expectations, a kaleidoscope of intergenerational storytelling, and cultural connectedness All Boys Aren t Blue is a testimony, a love letter, to black queer bodies and officially one of my most treasured books This work teaches black boys and gender nonconforming individuals to subsist in a world that seeks to build us out of it It is the most powerful exploration of gender I have read next to Freshwater and the most touching memoir I have consumed next to In the Dream House I state this praise with great care as both aforementioned titles are in my personal literature hall of fame I related to the essays with a level of intimacy that I cannot name and maintain that the work itself exists as a powerful tool to fight marginalization and the ways we might internalize it George s writing is casual but engrossing as he fluidly explores a myriad of topics relevant to the black queer body through a critical lens while still managing to fill the pages with black joy, love, hope, and celebration Preorder this book it releases in April I want everybody and their mama to read it Notes Undoubtedly some elitists will denounce this book s casual teen centric writing style, but George is able to deliver his messages without complex prose, proving that colloquial language is All Boy s Aren t Blue s strength, not its weakness Topics themes sex, consent, pleasure, trans nonbinary, blackness, trauma, racism, homophobia, black boy joy, masculinity, sexual assault, molestation

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Mimi KoehlerThe quote that will make you want to pick this book up When people ask me how I got into activism, I often say, The first person you are ever an activist for is yourself If I wasn t gonna fight for me, who else was Review We are not as different as you think, and all our stories matter and deserve to be celebrated and told All Boys Aren t Blue is incredibly thought provoking Johnson s writing is casual yet intimate, it feels like he could be sitting right beside you as he tells you about his beloved grandmother Nanny or discusses growing up and hiding parts of himself to fit in Even when discussing traumatic experiences and heartbreaking losses, the book also offers hope and an outstretched hand, reminding you that you are not alone in this fight called life.The common denominator of the chapters is that you feel the heart put in between these pages Johnson covers a myriad of relevant topics, from racism, toxic masculinity, and sexual abuse all the way to responsibility, dealing with unspeakable losses, and the impending task of taking care of your elders, which all hit you right in the feels It s an honest and unflinching exploration of society s compulsory heterosexuality and overwhelming gender expectations, but also of intergenerational and familial conflicts and connections, of not measuring up and then wondering why anyone ever even would want to measure up to expectations placed upon you by someone else instead of setting them for yourself In the afterword, Johnson talks about how he believes that the queer community, right now, at this very moment, has the chance to be the blueprint for the next generation to trial and error their way through life and decide what works, and what definitely has to go In this memoir manifesto, Johnson spotlights and exposes the trauma inflicted upon the black queer community but he also lends hope and encourages others to look beyond the boundaries that society has set for them and fight their way out of it.It s hard to put into words how much this memoir will mean to a multitude of people but in particular black queer people Yes, there is media now representing the interests of black people and queer people, but intersectional representation does not get the attention it needs and deserves All Boys Aren t Blue should be mandatory reading for everyone because it inspires you to work harder to make this world a open, accepting place It is a fight that s never done fighting but reading this book reinvigorates your spirit and so I ll just leave you with my favourite quote from the book where Johnson talks about being true to yourself and hope that will convince you to pick up a copy This won t always be easy, I m not going to lie I won t sell you the fable of It Gets Better like media tries to do without offering how The how comes in being willing to take a chance on yourself and create the support system you wish to have I would also tell you to reclaim that campaign slogan and use it from a place of power Tell folks, especially those who are non queer and non Black, to Make it Better Something getting better doesn t happen without action, and you have every right to ask for that Johnson is right, we have the right to ask for that And we also have the chance to Make It Better.

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    Thank you to Macmillan Audio and Libro.fm for this ALCRelease Date 28 April 2020

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    All Boys Aren t Blue is a beautiful, thoughtfully crafted YA memoir about growing up Black and queer in America It is heartwarming, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking, but even trauma and tragedy are handled from a place of healing It very much feels written for teenagers, but I think everyone should read this one I will link a review below that I recommend reading from a Black and gender nonconforming reviewer who is fantastic Review from Jesse bowtiesandbooks book takes us from childhood to adolescence and college, showing the unique challenges of being intersectionally Black and queer and the slow path to understanding one s identity and eventually feeling safe enough to express it There is so much love infused throughout this book for friends and family, you can feel the deep care and consideration of the author, even when discussing the ways these people were imperfect or hurtful While his family wasn t perfect and never openly discussed his queer identity, they did their best to be loving and accepting throughout his childhood Nanny Johnson s grandmother is a central figure throughout the book and was really an anchor for him.There are discussions of his complicated relationship with his father who tried to get things right after failing with his much older and also gay son There is also a chapter dealing with sexual abuse and molestation that occurred during Johnson s teen years at the hands of an older cousin and a classmate There is some graphic depiction, but while it is clear that this was harmful abuse, there is also an astounding amount of compassion for the now passed away abuser who may have been subjected to something similar Content warnings for that, but I think it is handled really well We do see how those events led the author to delay sexual intimacy for many years due to a lack of trust, but eventually there is a chapter on his eventual introduction to sex as an adult This includes two somewhat graphically described encounters, one positive and one negative, followed by a discussion of what was learned, the challenges of having had limited sex ed in school, and how the author hopes teens reading this might be better prepared and have fewer negative experiences There is much that I could say because this book is incredibly rich and I applaud the vulnerability and thoughtfulness of the author From discussions of the ways gender is forcefully constructed for young children to microagressions and the unique challenges of being Black and queer, this book is doing a lot of incredible work but in a way that is easy to read, thought provoking, and useful for a younger audience Absolutely recommend this one I received an advance copy of this book for review from the publisher All opinions are my own.CW include bullying, molestation, sexual assault, loss of a loved one, mentions of AIDS and cancer, homophobia

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    Ummmm holy crap This cover is chefs kiss

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    I received an early copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This is the first memoir I ve read and it will certainly not be my last one

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    Blog Twitter Instagram Review can also be found here at Booked J As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review This does not effect my opinion in any way Filed under memoirs that are as breathtaking as their covers Are we sure that my review can t be just me saying wow and seventeen variations of read this book immediately Because, to put it bluntly, words cannot describe how important George M Johnson s All Boys Aren t Blue is Nothing At All The first thing you should know about All Boys Aren t Blue is simple it needs to be on your 2020 TBR Capitol letters, all bold, MUST READ All Boys Aren t Blue is one of the most important memoirs you ll ever experience, no matter your age, and is something that has been desperately needed Voices like George M Johnson only come around once in a lifetime We are fortunate enough to be living in that lifetime All Boy Aren t Blue is intimate, thought provoking, and reads like Johnson is right beside you All Boys Aren t Blue is the type of memoir that will lend hope and friendship to many young readers at such a pivotal time in their lives Writing a review on memoirs, non fiction in general, proves to be challenging Especially when the memoir in question is as good as All Boys Aren t Blue is All things that can be said on this stunning memoir are pretty concrete in this magnificent review from Jesse Who, if you aren t following, you are missing out We re only a few weeks into the new year and I can say confidently that this is amongst the best of 2020.

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    A powerful and honest memoir.RTC

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    is currently speechless because of that cover

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