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    I love everything that Bruce Boston has written I ve been collecting his books and chaps for than ten years This book is just one of them I m pretty much sold on anything that has his byline.

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    Bruce Boston has a singular habit of writing award winning material He has nursed this habit for quite some time and in his latest book The Nightmare Collection I can find no signs of abating Here we are treated to fifty four new works of highly stylized dark poetry that will not only appeal to fans of horror and speculative poetry, but to anyone who appreciates poetry of the highest order In The Nightmare Collection, Boston weaves his heady brand of vivid darkness into a vast and fantastic array of delightfully brutish nightscapes, shadow realms, and nether worlds with uncontrived eloquence and poetic mastery He employs a wide variety of styles that range from formal to free verse, from lyrical and metered verse to prose poetry, experimental, and beyond Here you will find a lunatic buffet of wildly visual and emotive poems, often laced with dry wit and irony, which have the power to instigate fright and wonder simultaneously Consider these verses from the poem The Nightmare Collector From the endless slashesIn his voluminous greatcoatYou can feel the heatOf captured bodiesInvade your rumpled bedWith delirium and fever,You can smell a brassySediment of tears From the hollow blacknessOf his flapping sleevesYou can hear the pulseAnd thump of unborn shadows,A dense hysteric fugueWinding up and downThe bones of your sleep In addition to the plethora of creepy, unsettling, and down right frightening poems in this book, you will also discover cautionary works no less chilling, such as the grim, all too plausible near future scenario depicted in Cold Letter to the Children and the intense and visceral scorched earth mantra I Build engines You will find a variety of darkly surreal works such as A Geologist Braves the Torched Lands and Surreal Fill Up , which begins The Hose turns into a snake in my hands,Spewing forth the half digested bodiesOf mice and birds rather than high octane There is even a delightfully sinister technophobic piece that could easily be classified as cyberpunk titled Your Bad Binary Brother Despite all this bold diversity, the poems in The Nightmare Collection course their way smoothly through the order of pages in a manner that makes perfect sense These are poems that will stick to your brains after you read them Poems that have the power to stir the subconscious and offer a parallax view of the world beyond the walls of reason Poems you will want to return to time and again because there is a certain magic locked within their words that you ll want to imbibe and understand intimately You will read poetry that plays on mankind s littleness and challenges our common notions of reality, as evident in this excerpt from Times Holy Wail Humanity has not slogged far or deep enoughthrough the stochastic millennia to grasphow subjective time and its environs can be, how days can ebb elastic in their periodicity,how weighted seconds can unroll like a carpet or a snake slipping slyly into apprehension In Futurity Wears the Head , a poem that shows the duel nature of fate, we find the same themes as above playing out from a different perspective Consider the following verses Futurity is infinite in its potential and terrifying in its command It bedazzles you with promises and threatens you with dark possibility Futurity never asks permission to be itself in mixed company Futurity is vivid as black light violet, cool as a retrospective on heroin jazz It needs no makeup to sport a Mediterranean tan Futurity takes your hat at the door and your shirt at the table It leads you down a hall where your portrait becomes ancestral A tad overplayed are the X people poems that are scattered throughout the pages of this collection nine in all With titles such as Bone People , Werewolf People , Gargoyle People , Ghost People , etc, these crafty free verse poems are thematic, mostly humorous, and generally lighter in tone then most others in the book They are all smart, quirky poems that show cunning insight, there are just too many of them and this tends to slightly water down the concepts they put forth collectively and as individual works With this latest collection Bruce Boston clearly remains at the cutting edge of today s dark poetry as the undisputed master of the craft The Nightmare Collection is highly recommended you will be richer of mind for reading it The exquisitely creepy front cover was created by Marge Simon and it is than a little spooky the longer one stares at it the spookier it gets Dispersed throughout the pages are eight striking black and white illustrations by Russell Morgan who does a superb job of complimenting Boston s work Review by Anthony Bernstein

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    Another excellent collection of speculative poetry from Bruce Boston I ve just finished it and will probably start it immediately again I may have further commentary when I finish it the second time.

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