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    4.5 harsh, stylized, visceral stars 2016 Honorable Mention Read Ms Kaslik spares nobody in this family drama A mother and two daughters grieve the death of the male figure father husband and each are damaged to varying degrees Mother is tired, lonely and unable to move forward The story though mostly revolves around the two daughters as they struggle with themselves and each other The elder has had to drop out of med school as she has relapsed with severe and I mean severe anorexia nervosa The younger has behavioral issues and sees the ghost of her dead papa in various guises The sisters love each other fiercely but they also hurt each other in a myriad of ways.Ms Kasilik gives a stark stylized telling of what it is like to live with anorexia nervosa in a compelling, harsh and razor sharp way This illness can be so bleak in its severe manifestations and causes the person to slowly break down physically, psychologically and spiritually This is beyond body image and moves into the area of delusion and self annhilation The effects on the family can be both blatant and subtle and Ms Kasilik is able to convey this skillfully and artfully albeit painfully.The writing is highly sharp, insightful and stylized.Here are some examples of the writing that I found so compelling I pray even though I m past praying I call on Jesus though he never calls on me Still, Giselle s misery is terrible and beautiful, like stained white cotton dresses Don t get me started on Chapter 23 though which I have now read five times It is a conversation of Giselle with her alter ego that demands starvation and only starvation This is how Giselle describes her She is incomplete, a succubus trigger happy, toilet mouthed, kniefe wielding, blue and white and sometimes green in the face from screaming, from telling me all that I cannot have When I manage to beat her down, tie her into a chair on the far side of the room, get her to eat some food, she smiles her sanguine, toothless grin She starves proudly, waits, like a saint, she waits for death by fire or baptism If you want to truly understand the experience of severe anorexia nervosa then this book would be a really good way to start.A remarkable novel debut

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    The writing was okay but my main problem with the book was that I couldn t really get a clear picture of anything There was always this sense of detachment between the characters and their story from the outside world It s hard to place their lives in the context of the rest of the world, and for a long time I didn t even know where they were I don t know what they looked like, and I seriously can t picture much of anything Some scenes also seemed like they were included just for angst they didn t really add much to the story then again, it was a tad difficult understanding wha exactly the point of this story was it didn t make me feel anything And Holly wasn t very credible to me because she was always different there was no strong, identifiable character that was Holly, just her actions that were constantly changing.I can t say I liked it but I did not completely hate it It may take me a while to convince myself to read something else by Kasilik.

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    Skinny is sad in a subtly haunting way The passages from the medical school guide really emphasized Giselle s mortality and complemented her muted, though persistent, voice SPOILERS I commend the author for her willingness to experiment with character death, because I ve always felt that too many eating disorder novels end with la di da, Disney ending recovery or even life is not perfect, but I m getting there day by day recovery Statistics say that eating disorders this serious rarely end that way and though the ending was sad, I m glad Kaslik was realistic with it.In terms of being a reader with an eating disorder, the italicized pieces Giselle s disease speaking to her seemed like they were ripped right out of my head I felt as though I were going crazy along with Giselle, which is something only someone who has had an eating disorder could ever know or understand Kaslik doesn t sugarcoat what an eating disorder can do to the psyche of its victims, and I commend her for writing so bravely something which seemed very personal Giselle s eating disorder calls her an exhibitionist and a slut it asks her, somewhat rhetorically, why she always loves people who never love her back This seems harsh, but in fact, it s exactly the truth of what we go through every day Thank you thank you THANK YOU Ibi Kaslik for making the world aware of what 1 in 10 women go through on a daily basis If you have an eating disorder, read this BE ADVISED that it may be triggering If you love someone with an eating disorder, read this If you know someone with an eating disorder, read this If, heaven help you, you ve judged someone for their eating disorder, read this If you re looking to educate yourself on a pervasive, misunderstood affliction which is tragically underrepresented by the media, read this And even if you just want to read a deep book with a solid plot and a stunning voice, read this book, and keep reading.

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    This book is about a young woman who is destroying herself while those around her are helpless to stop and can only watch her slide into oblivion The narration alternates, between Giselle, the anorexic older sister, and Holly, the better compensated albeit still disturbed older sister Within the narrative that is Giselle s, she carries on a dialogue with her inner demon which presumably is her disease With respect to an accurate portrait of anorexia nervosa as an obsessive condition, this is spot on.Giselle blames her anorexia on her late father whom she claims never loved her the way that he loved her sister and she spends much of the book exploring the ostensible reasons for her perception Spoiler alert apparently the reason for his lack of feeling for her is that he believes that she is another man s child Parenthetically, I did think that there was far too much emphasis on blaming family for the genesis of this eating disorder Although family dynamics are not optimal in these families, they are not the CAUSE of the disorder Kaslik falls into the trap of too many pop psychology types i.e that your family is the cause of your dysfunction This is where this author gets in over her head and feeds us a weird tale of a physician who should have known better, subjecting his daughter to repeated EEGs searching for clues to her parentage Evidently the suspected father suffered from epilepsy Now there are a few things wrong with this scenario First, any physician should know that EEGs are not necessarily diagnostic of epilepsy second, only a small fraction of epilepsies are hereditary third, the child never had a seizure for goodness sakes I think the author wanted to somehow gross her audience out with visions of electrodes and a strange looking apparatus resembling perhaps an ECT device Who know, but the issue is that she could have used something other than epilepsy as a way to question and establish paternity It just does not work.This is a dark, often difficult to read book It contains an awful lot of inner and outer dialogue that sometimes tends to tangent and rambling as does real self talk and conversation I found it to be far above the level of Young Adult for which it was designated A non young adult would have trouble with this book it is not easy reading, nor for the fainthearted.

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    I m surprised that I hated this book When I read the back it seemed like it would be a deep story about one person s struggle with anorexia in the POV of Giselle and her sister, Holly However, the book seemed to completely bypass her illness It ran right over it several times The focus that lies on Giselle is all about it, but no one seems to care all that much She progressively gets worse throughout the book, both in illness and in personality I hated Giselle She s always selfish and acts immature even though she wants to be in med school, and she constantly plays the victim card And every time she gets a little better, she immediately ties herself up and throws herself under a train Holly, her younger sister seemed to have it all together and be a very strong character, but slowly lose it following her sister I thought this was great the way that the girls paralleled in their struggles, which was shown fantastically though the changing in narration Holly was a much enjoyable and relatable character because she actually tried to help herself and others unlike Giselle who literally sat in bed for several chapters The ending which I won t spoil was super confusing It took me a few read throughs and a goggle search to understand what was happening After I figured out what happened, it made sense, but until then it was dense and hard to follow Overall, the negatives and fouls of the book greatly outweigh the positives of the book It s very hard to enjoy a book when you hate the main character and really want her to just die from what she s struggling with It s not a fun read and I d never recommend it to anyone.

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    A sad and haunting tale about anorexia. Battling another voice inside her head that tells Giselle that s she s fat and basically controls what she does and eats It s quite disturbing that she had no control over her eating habits Or one can argue that all she can control is her eating and this is why she s the way she is Wanting to be as skinny as her sister Holly I found her battle with anorexia to be very realistic and also very sad.The dual point of views added a better dimension but at the same time this book is also about family Relationship between sisters I kinda liked that it was set in Canada and even mentioned Canadian TV station MuchMusic, but at the same time I was a little disturbed that some happens between S and H Yikes I also thought Giselle and her relationship with her father was interesting but I felt so much for her because we found the truth later on.I pretty much skimmed the rest of the book because I disliked the way the characters spoke and thought It was just so disjointed from reality But maybe that s why it was down on purpose The ending turned out to be very open and I didn t even know if anything changed A good solid read by a Canadian author, but I failed to connect with bathe characters.

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    Drusilla Ollennu October 28, 2008English 11, p.2 Independent reading project S k i n n y Skinny, by Ibi Kaslik, reveals the conflict of a young adult and her sister struggling with they re own individual issues that are somehow connected Giselle and Holly, both sisters, tell their story in their own point of view as it switches back and fourth in every chapter While the current setting of the book is in Canada, problems erupted on the subject of their parents when they were in Hungary Giselle s main issues are her struggles with her weight and anorexia as the pessimistic side of her pushes her to the brink of insanity She also struggles with the rough relationship between her and her father Thomas before his death and the story of how her mother Velsa cheated on her ex husband Holly on the other hand pushes to keep up with her athletic activities in school She struggles to help Giselle with her chronic illness with anorexia What makes this book so good is that we are able to read from both Giselle and Holly s point of view This makes things interesting because you re never too sure about what someone is thinking so it s somewhat of a surprise every time Readers also get to read the struggles of both characters and how they feel about each other s problems One reason others should read Skinny is because they can understand the deeper things people have to live with, even though it does not appear that way on the outside Secondly, others should read Skinny because they may be able to relate to issues that the characters are going through Someone may feel negatively about their weight and be comforted that Giselle also has that problem and she fought to overcome it Others may have some sort of disability and feel a little better that Holly was capable of managing a normal life despite the fact that she was half deaf People who would mostly enjoy this book are young teenagers and college students Holly is a young teenager and Giselle is a college student Both characters are enduring many of the issues that occur commonly at their age Other kinds of people who would enjoy reading this book are those who can actually relate to it They don t have to relate to the issues of anorexia or being deaf in one ear They can just as easily relate to having immigrant parents, following their career, or having difficulties finding the truth about their parent s past Other people that may enjoy reading Skinny are those who like to step out of their comfort zone People who wouldn t mind putting themselves into the shoes of others that have different situations than their own would really appreciate Skinny I honestly recommend this book for people to read because it applies to a wide range of people Skinny keeps your interest through out the entire book and brings you into an unfamiliar, yet fascinating world.

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    Frankly, this book was a total letdown Gizelle seemed like a disappointing charade of what Kaslik read in a DSM of what an anorexic should be She definitely got aspects correct, but Gizelle was such an annoying and hygienically repulsive character that I could not feel badly for her Moreover, her sister was equally as annoying and neither had any true characteristics other than obsessing over each other Their bond was similarly as unbelievable as Gizelle reflecting anorexia, as Gizelle never addresses with her sister that Sol cheated on her with an eighth grader Further, Kaslik could not decide what type of book to write The immigrant family struggle, the parental infidelity, the cheating boyfriend, the oversexed middle schooler, the pressured bisexual grad student, the drug abuse, the dead father issues.it was too much The only interesting part was Gizelle s flashback to her stint with lesbianism and the break up, which was, like everything in this book, glossed over.I hope that Holly kept running until she found herself the character of an author who could develop her.

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    This was probably one of the worst books I ve ever read I had to force myself to get through this book, since I m not one to just abandon them The book switches POV from Holly to Giselle, but their stories are horribly connected Little attention is payed to the girls problems, and when it is focused on it s done for plot points, not to see them handle it Few descriptions were given for important moments in the book that it s hard to understand what exactly is going on In the end, I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone I know There are much better stories out there that handle eating disorders while also making the characters feel alive instead of lifeless puppets.

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