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    This is possibly one of the best anthologies I ve ever read True, there are some few selections which are not up to the outstanding level of the rest, but even those few would stand out amongst less skilled company Unlike in many other anthologies where the editors may sacrifice theme in favor of an individual author s name value, Liaguno and Helder almost universally stick to their theme The one exception is a lovely story by Sarah Langan which, while extraordinary, does not quite fit into the anthology s overall theme and seems of a sci fi fantasy piece than a work of traditional horror The stand out story for me was clearly Epistle of the Sleeping Beauty by Vander Laenen, quite possibly the most brilliant horror short story I have ever read If for no other reason, reading this story is worth picking up a copy of the anthology Yes, it s that good Portico Angel , however, was in a very close second place and, in my opinion, it is the story that most begs to be expanded into a full length novel Other standouts included The Bloomsbury Nudes and Rick Reed s extraordinarily chilling Sublet On the negative side, some of the lesbian offerings were a little too feminist in tone for my taste, but that flaws lies with me and not with the work itself On the whole though, you will emphatically NOT be sorry to have read this anthology It s a truly remarkable collection of works.

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    This was a very interesting collection of shorts I can understand why it won awards There were a few stories that I had to ask myself, how is this horror, or how is this gay There were a few standouts for me Black Annis by Joy Marchand was extremely entertaining, a tale I was definitely able to get into Epistle of the Sleeping Beauty by Vander Laenen was disturbing but isn t that what horror is suppose to do I hear they are working on a second anthology, I can t wait to see what s in it.

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    Midway through the anthology It is really quite good, and not just because I have a story in it.

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    This book blows pardon the gay pun It s lame

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