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The Gentling Box pdf The Gentling Box, ebook The Gentling Box, epub The Gentling Box, doc The Gentling Box, e-pub The Gentling Box, The Gentling Box d417723254f The Philosophies Of The Age Of Enlightenment Create Sweeping Changes Throughout Th Century Europe, But To Hungary S Despised Nomads, The Gypsies, The World Is Still A Dark And Very Dangerous Landscape Adversaries Both Mortal And Supernatural Lurk In The Shadows, Waiting To Strike Without Mercy Imre, A Half Gypsy Horse Trader, Understands The Danger To His Small Family All Too WellCursed With A Hideously Disfiguring And Fatal Disease By The Vengeful Sorceress Anyeta, He Watches Those Around Him Suffer And Fall Mimi, His Wife, Who Is Tricked Into Cutting Off Her Own Arm To Create A Powerful Talisman His Friend Constantin, Struck Mute By Anyeta S Wrath And Lenore, His And Mimi S Young Daughter, Who Has Been Placed In The Greatest Jeopardy Of All With His Health Deteriorating And Death Imminent, His Wife Possessed By The Witch S Ghost And Lenore Being Groomed For A Fate Far Worse Than Death, Imre Turns To Desperate Measures And A Hellish Memory From His Childhood To Still The Sorceress And End Her Reign Of Bloodshed A Presence Even Powerful And Terrifying To Him Than Anyeta The Gentling Box

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    I did not realize until just now that so few people have read this book, at least as far as ratings here on Goodreads are concerned This is depressing as the book is not a new release and I know for a fact that many, many readers would love this incredible mix of horror and historical fiction that explores true evil as few books have ever done.The book takes place in Hungary and Romania in 1864, among a family of gypsies More than anything else, I consider the book to be horror, pretty hardcore horror in every aspect I can think of This book managed to include nearly every terrifying scene I could imagine taking place and then threw in a few extra to simply gross me out than I tend to prefer But the book is not just simple shock and awe There are well developed characters within who react and make some terribly tough decisions The characters were very human, extremely flawed and far from perfect At least Imre, the narrator, was extremely flawed in my opinion He was fascinating and nauseating at the same time He frustrated me, especially considering the ending and what he refused to do view spoiler until the end of the book If he had simply just done it towards the beginning, then a whole lot of lives and suffering would have been saved hide spoiler

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    At one point, early on in Lisa Mannetti s novel, The Gentling Box, sad sack half gypsy horse dealer, Imre, is shadowing his gypsy hag witch lover near a tomb in a Transylvania town, dressed in a stolen cassock If you ve ever read Lewis The Monk and you should if you enjoy literary horror with a strong dose of black humor , this scene is inspired stuff Unfortunately, as funny as I found this scene, I knew by this point that Mannetti was playing it straight And that s too bad, because I think she missed an opportunity by not casting the story as a black comedy This results, due to the very deliberate writing, in a 300 page novel according to I read this on my Kindle that feels like it s 500 pages There were times I felt like I was on fictional death march A friendly editor could have helped, cutting away at some of the descriptions I have to wonder if this is the future when it comes to e books, especially so with new writers If so, that s too bad, because they are the ones most in need of a sure editorial hand.But that s probably overstating things, partly because I was frustrated in a good way with Mannetti who also has enormous promise On the Horror end of things, she does not hold back Gypsy witches, werewolfery, a kind of soul sucking vampirism, a haunted hand of ultimately demonic power, dreams of incest, lobotomies, cannibalism the worst kind , nasty sex with witches, mutilation, and diseased horse snot a new first for me , are dark examples of the kinds horrors in the book Anchoring this list is some wonderful research into gypsy customs, placed within an authentic historical the mid 1860s context If you were intrigued by the Transylvania scenes in the original Dracula movie, or the old gypsy in the original Wolfman, you may want to give this book a try though those movies, in comparison, are very tame Overall, the reading experience was not unlike my first encounter with Sarah Langan, whose first novel, The Keeper, I found to be equally frustrating but whose second novel, The Missing, I consider to be one of the best horror novels I ve read over the last ten years I think there is ample evidence in The Gentling Box that Mannetti is capable of doing the same.

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    A truly scary book all the excruciating because of how well written the characters were and how close and connected they were to each other I went into this one pretty much blind at the recommendation of a Goodread s friend and because of other people s high marks and I feel this is better read knowing as little as possible and without any preconceived notions to allow the author to guide you along as she sees fit There is a mixed bag of horrors in here too and is not just a one trick pony pun intended in the ways it scares This is a fantastic family going through a grinder tale that remains vivid and chilling and entertaining the whole way through Highly recommended for fans of In the Valley of the Sun, The Exorcist, and Thinner.

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    The Gentling Box is a powerful and memorable debut by Lisa Mannetti, and winner of a Bram Stoker award for best first novel to boot This is an original, dark tale of possession within the gypsy community of Romania Hungary in the 1860 s The opening of the story is the prelude to the excruciating finale, we then travel back 10 months to August 1863, Buda Pest and a messenger, seeking the caravan of Imre the horse trader, his wife Mimi and their daughter Lenore The messenger is from Anyeta, there s been no news of her in Hungary for twenty years, yet now she s camped four days away on the Romany border What does the gypsy sorceress want, a good death and to see her daughter, to tell her the secrets and the things inside the old woman that belong to her, to her daughter if she has one.Mimi hates her Mother, a whore that dabbles in the dark arts, but inexplicably she is determined to make this last trip to see her and the family set out to return to a nightmare, where bad memories plague them all When they arrive at the Gypsy camp, Anyeta has already died, murdered it seems but the sorceress is evil and determined to live on through others with her ultimate goal the body of a child, with little resistance, to live through and start again.This is a dark, intelligently written supernatural tale, one of deception, of possession, seduction and illusion An evil, powerful gypsy sorceress who can only be stopped by a barbaric process called Gentling, a way in which un controllable horses are tempered but when the malicious entity reveals its goal with the words I will wear your daughter like a bauble on a string around my neck there seems no escape.The author explores the Gypsy culture very well but the strength of the novel is an emotional and poignant plot around some normal, simple characters encompassed by an evil that will take a great sacrifice to escape from and bring an overwhelming sadness.Highly Recommended.

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    An absolute nightmare of a book deliriously creepy Mannetti is a first time author who s getting incredible reviews with this and is already nominated for a Stoker Award.

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    Finally i got to read her debut that won the acclaimed Bram Stoker award, previously her novella a href was a real horror story with dark atmosphere and shocking scenes of blood This novel is written with the same dark chill oozing with history and presence She transports you to Romania and a gypsy community, she really makes you feel you are there with the main protagonist A man who like most have responsibility in the tightly knitted gypsy community, a husband to Mimi his wife and father to one girl.Be warned you will encounter debauchery and nightmares, but also a heartfelt story with love.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder some say, well with the main protagonist he seems to see one woman from his youth with a eye of beauty that others can t quite see It all becomes disastrously bad for this honey trap he finds himself in and his family are in an ever increasing peril There is talk a witch in the community who can raise the dead some said and soon the community are to see the truth of the matter In a very imaginative tale of horror he finds himself transported back to brutal memories of Gentling He has memories of when his father gentled the horses and how a harrowing past of his youth it was, one to return in nightmares and then reality Can he use what he once dreaded and hated can he use the Gentling box on a human soul Mountains do not meet, but people do Who owns the hand of the dead brings healing Who owns the hand of the head brings healing Who owns the hand of the dead breeds destruction Who owns the hand of the dead can take a life or restore it A she demon who drove men womenn mad Her feast, held to celebrate to appease i thought, and felt my stomach tighten To be raised up is terrible than you know All the desolation in the world sweeps like a nightwind howling through the vast emptiness that your being And there is only the will of the one who commands Review and book trailer here also

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    This story certainly had its share of creepy parts.Mannetti has the writing chops to keep you interested in the story, but I found that when I was expecting the story to wrap up very soon, I discovered I was only halfway through I figured at that point that my Kindle edition must have come with a bonus novella.But nothis story carried on, and that is probably the biggest reason this review doesn t get 4 to 5 stars I really thought it was too long for the story, and a novella length would have been perfect.Three quarters of the way in, and we know what needs to be done, just do it already I was pushing my way to the inevitable end, eager to move on to something else Anyways, I don t regret reading it For most of this novel, I was enjoying it a LOT, and will definitely check out from this lady.

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    5 StarsThis is a horror novel, a period piece, a character study, and a bit of historical fiction rolled up into one It simply is unlike any other book that I have revently read This book is not for the feint of heart, nor is it appropriate for too young of an audience This book is filled with sex, gruesome scenes, and unspeakable horrors But, at the heart of it all, this story is a study of character Our protagonists are very real, and Imre is a truly 3 dimensional lead character The story really plays out like a period piece, describing a time that has gone by, when things were very different from what they are today This is about Romania, about Gypsy life, and about the unseen and supernatural This novel contains sorcery, killer wolves, dead magic hands, and magical charms and trinkets Although the plot is simple, the narrative moves from one hurdle to another that you can forgive it it s lack of depth We feel each traumatic event that Imre and his family are forced to go through Lisa Mannetti does an effective time leading us back forth across time from chapter to chapter without ever losing us along the way The sorcery, curses, and magic are told in a manner in which we the reader often cannot tell what is real or what is illusion Funny thing is, poor Imre often suffered from the same predicament.The prose in this novel is worth your read time alone It is lyrical, descriptive, and better than most in this genreThere are countless examples of this throughout this short novel, but I had to share a few I strained, watching, scarcely aware of the pull of tendons in my neck and shoulders, and then in the most terrible dream like slowness, she got on her bare knees, and through the dark cracks I saw her lips draw back, her grit her teeth The back of her hand lay still against the floor She squeezed her eyes shut A whine came out of her throat Who owns the hand of the dead brings healing, Who owns the hand of the dead breeds destruction Who owns the hand of the dead can take a life or restore it When the last person who remembers you dies, I thought, you die again Please go, now, I say, at the same instant I hear my voice for the bubbling clotty thing it is An oaty rumbling, as if I were sucking wet porridge instead of speaking All things have rest, I say, and ripen towards the grave In silence ripen, fall and cease Rest I really was blown away by the world building that Lisa Mannetti treated us too The environment, the descriptions, and the simple words added to the other worldy feel of this one Spooky, grotesque, and at times scary too Romania of the 1800 s is a very unfamiliar time and place to me, yet after having read this, I now want to know .This is a must read for those horror readers that also appreciate fabulous literature It also could find an audience among the main stream fiction readers, if they are not too squeamish or easily offended I give this book my highest recommendations, you will not easily forget this one

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    When it comes to works of particular authors, there are a lot of debut novels I have yet to read This is especially true of authors I ve become a fan of over the years, as I have yet to read Stephen King s Carrie or Clive Barker s The Damnation Game But give me time However, when it comes to Lisa Mannetti and her debut novel, The Gentling Box winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in June of this year I m content in knowing I ve gotten in on the ground floor of what s sure to be a celebrated storyteller s career.Thanks to the Stokers, I became aware of this novel back in June when the winners were announced And after reading about the premise for the book I placed it on my wish list Well, Lisa Mannetti, herself, was charitable enough to forward a review copy of the book to me Having now read The Gentling Box, it s abundantly clear why it has received such praise.The story takes place during the 1860s in eastern Europe, mostly through Hungary and Romania Imre, a half gypsy horse trader, learns via a messenger that his mother in law, Anyeta, is close to death and she wishes to see her estranged daughter, Mimi, one last time Reluctantly, Imre takes his wife, Mimi, and daughter, Lenore, by caravan to visit the gypsy colony to which they once belonged However, Imre learns that Anyeta wants from him and Mimi than a mere visit And even though the old witch is dead prior to their arrival, her plans are already set in motion and ominous occurrences threaten to tear Imre s family apart along with everyone else in his life he holds dear Before long, Imre must wrestle with the prospect of contending with Anyeta s other worldly manipulations, or if he ll succumb to her evil intent and his own cowardice.Spooky is too cartoonish a word to use in describing this novel Melancholic doesn t work either I guess I ll go with a trust standard and say Gentling Box is haunting A bit quaint and simplistic, but after reading this novel the characters still resonate So maybe haunting is an apt word to use.In a story populated by gypsies, or Romani, it s kind of easy for the characterization to drift towards parody and stereotype too many Saturday morning cartoons as a child can instill such hokey images Lisa Mannetti does justice to her creations, however, by avoiding any such pitfalls and providing a genuine and redolent world where these characters can play out their tragedy and joy It s easy to tell she did a lot of exhaustive research to get the details down, which she does There are even sporadic moments of the Romani language used that are translated for readers in such a way you hardly notice you re not fluent.Imre s voice stands out as authentic, even in the most extraordinary of circumstances Early in the novel, he bears witness to a wrenching scene, as Mimi sneaks into her mother s quarters at night to claim a powerful talisman that s been willed to her think cursed monkey paw to the nth degree But to claim the dangerously potent object, she must first sever her own hand, as Imre watches helplessly from beneath the caravan as her blood drips through the floorboards onto him Such a display is a cakewalk though for the tormented man, as Anyeta s deeds gradually escalate in her attempts to return from the grave and carry on her wicked ways It s only when he fully realizes his daughter, Lenore, is part of the old witch s end game that he understands he s the only one who can put a stop to her.I think the only criticism I can lay upon this book is about Imre s reactions to certain events, but to read the novel in its entirety I think that s less to do with Lisa Mannetti s writing than with the very real flaws Imre carries with him He s deceived by Anyeta on than one occasion, and I couldn t help thinking just how gullible the guy could get at times But the strength of her character weighed against the slowly sapped strength of his, I think he ends up doing admirably well.I have mentioned before that horror literature bears as sweet a fruit as any other facet of the writing world The Gentlinhttp www.goodreads.com review edit Box backs my assertion I ve also mentioned that women as are as adept at crafting a chilling story as any man, so at times The Gentling Box backs that up too The writing delves into some very disturbing and sometimes nasty moments in these characters lives, but Mannetti lays it all out with such a beautiful style you don t really mind Unless you re especially squeamish, then there might be a couple scenes you ll want to gloss over.I can t wait to see what else Mannetti has up her sleeve I m not sure when her next novel, The Everest Hauntings, is due to be published, but I m putting it on my wish list right now Paranormal activity Mount Everest Yes, please.

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    This was a haunting, chilling novel that was hard to put down I was amazed at how the author was able to capture the feeling of a suspenseful, creepy, horror movie in words It was so well written from the perspective of a male that I was shocked at the end reading the author s note that the author is indeed a female.I have never read a book like this I am not familiar with the history of Hungarian gypsies so I wasn t sure what to expect from this book But I was interested from the very beginning and that never let up until I finished it I wanted to know what was going to happen next that I felt compelled to keep reading Ironic, since this whole story was about a power that made you do things.I felt so sorry for Imre It was like he was being tortured He couldn t tell whether or not he has seeing an illusion or if it was real All of it was because the demon spirit in Anyeta, his mother in law, needed to reside in someone else s body to disguise itself and live on It lured its victim by promises of power that would enable you to heal yourself and save another s life The only way to stop it from continuing was to use the Gentling Box to lobotomize the person the spirit was in so it wouldn t have any brain left to know how to survive I keep thinking if only Imre and his wife Mimi hadn t listened to the messenger and gone to see her mother on her death bed all if this devastation that occurred to Imre and his family could have been avoided Mimi s mother Anyeta never even treated Mimi well or loved her like a mother should That made it even harder to accept all their tragic loss for a wretched witch woman.The way Anyeta exerted her power over Imre was by preying on his weakness as a man for sex She used her sexuality to possess Imre into needing her sexually That was all he thought about The worst part was he knew he was having sex with a rotting, obese, old woman even though to him it looked like his beautiful wife or her cousin, with whom he shared his first kiss with But Anyeta had such a strong hold on him, he was too weak to resist her temptations Even when he knew she killed wolves and children during the night.There are several other unique characters that continue to add to the mystique of this novel such as Joseph the priest and his committed friend Constantin Imre didn t know whether or not to trust them since he was seeing so many illusions he couldn t tell what was real or not He couldn t rely on what he saw as being reality Anyeta read his thoughts and manipulated him so much that the reader had a hard time telling what was happening for real Again, tnat just made you feel the torment Imre was being put through and you just had to keep reading it hoping that Imre and his family could be free of Anyeta s power.I hope the author comes out with books like this one as I think for some reason II will feel compelled to read it.

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