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❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ A Dark Matter Author Peter Straub – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 A Dark Matter, meaning A Dark Matter, genre A Dark Matter, book cover A Dark Matter, flies A Dark Matter, A Dark Matter 4aee459300207 The Incomparable Master Of Horror And Suspense Returns With A Powerful, Brilliantly Terrifying Novel That Redefines The Genre In Original And Unexpected WaysThe Charismatic And Cunning Spenser Mallon Is A Campus Guru In The S, Attracting The Devotion And Demanding Sexual Favors Of His Young Acolytes After He Invites His Most Fervent Followers To Attend A Secret Ritual In A Local Meadow, The Only Thing That Remains Is A Gruesomely Dismembered Body And The Shattered Souls Of All Who Were PresentYears Later, One Man Attempts To Understand What Happened To His Wife And To His Friends By Writing A Book About This Horrible Night, And It S Through This Process That They Begin To Examine The Unspeakable Events That Have Bound Them In Ways They Cannot Fathom, But That Have Haunted Every One Of Them Through Their Lives As Each Of The Old Friends Tries To Come To Grips With The Darkness Of The Past, They Find Themselves Face To Face With The Evil Triggered So Many Years Earlier Unfolding Through The Individual Stories Of The Fated Group S Members, A Dark Matter Is An Electric, Chilling, And Unpredictable Novel That Will Satisfy Peter Straub S Many Ardent Fans, And Win Him Legions

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    I like Peter Straub He s an ambitious writer who tries to do with his novels, stretch out, ignore the borders and go there , to the vast, unexplored land of the possibility of invention Clive Barker didn t name him a great classicist without a reason he s a pleasure to read His work is intriguing, memorable and intelligent the weird tale of Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale that makes Shadowland, the terror of Eva Galli and the Chowder society in Ghost Story and the Vietnam vets who venture out to find Koko, the town of Hampstead and its inhabitants seized by two horrors in Floating Dragonthese are people, places and events that have managed to do one of the best things fiction can do they have staying power, and make us think about them and return to them in the future, again and again.After seeing several video interviews with Mr Straub he comes off like a really cool guy, full of ideas and enthusiasm when it comes to writing, someone with whom it would be a pleasure to hang out and talk about all sorts of stuff So, when I heard about A Dark Matter and what it was supposed to be about I was anxious to read it.The time is the blasted 60 s We have a group of four high school friends that falls under the influence of a charismatic guru, the con man Spencer Mallon, who claims that he will be able to change the world, if only for a moment Enchanted with the promise of something truly extraordinary, they venture into a meadow and perform a mysterious occult ritual By now it should be obvious that the experience goes waaay out of control, and something awful happens one person dies, Mallon flees and the survivors are scarred for life.Years later we met Lee Harwell, a writer, who was not one of those who ventured to the meadow His wife, also Lee dubbed The Eel was but even though she was blinded as a consequence she refused to talk about what happened Lee wants to deal with the past once and for all, and he ventures to find the rest of the survivors and by using their accounts of the happening write the complete story Through Rashomon like storytelling the event is told by different people, and each account offers a different interpetation and insight into the occurences of that night.Now, here comes the big problem A Dark Matter is not at all scary or spine tingling It s not even very suspenseful A similar premise has been executed years earlier by Donna Tartt in The Secret History A Dark Matter is nowhere near as captivating The concept is intriguing several people relating the same event, meaning their prejudices and personal interests will surface when the accounts will be compared but the characters are very bland the writer, the beautiful girl, the sidekick, the hopelesss guru figure, sidekick nr.1, sidekick nr.2it pains me to say this, but only one persona is memorable Hootie Bly Turn of The Screw anyone , whom the experience rendered insane, and who is able to communicate with the outside world only through quotations from Nathaniel Hawthorne And remember, this is the man who created the duo of Flanagini and Night, Tim Underhill, the charming boy named Tom Passeven Mallon is bland, and he s the one who should have been the most mysterious and interesting character.The other problem with A Dark Matter is that it simply goes nowhere It has intrigue, but only barely at moments there are moments of great imagery, but through repetition that offers little variation they soon become mundane and unimpressive There are elements that offered great promise but somehow have never been expanded upon the Mallon character is the best example And when the puzzles come together, all the stories are known, the conclusion arrives which is a straightforward disappointment I won t reveal the idea behind A Dark Matter, but I expected much, much from a novel with such promise, scope and ambition Perhaps the biggest problem with the novel is that there s not enough story to justify its length It would be a good novella, but the constant shifts do not allow for enough suspense to develop To put things simply, it goes way to much around the bush, and too rarely peers into the tangled hedges of supposed wretchedness and horror It s enjoyable at times, but there really wasn t anything there.Peter Straub is a writer who has done, and with no doubt will do much better than this in the future A Dark Matter is far and away from his best For readers fresh to his work I d recommend Shadowland which this book heavily borrows from, his great classic Ghost Story which is essential reading for any fan of horror, and Floating Dragon which utilized some similar concepts A Dark Matter is for the completists only I don t feel I wasted time reading it, but if it was my first work by this great author I m not sure I would come back for .

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    I wanted to LOVE this book I really did When I read the back cover, I was hooked The premise sounded awesome a group of college friends in the 1960s who fall under the spell of a new age guru, and together they engage in a strange ritual which brings them into contact with otherworldly beings which shape the course of their lives thereafterAnd that ritual they conduct is undoubtedly the best part In fact, it is pretty downright awesome The creatures beings that each of them encounter they are all different are very creepy and fantastically imagined I loved it and wanted of it, although the mystery surrounding this otherworld kept me reading all the way to the end The rest of the book, however, was pale in comparison Much of it dragged like a freaking broken zombie leg There were pockets of almost total boredom scattered throughout Reading felt like a chore way too often something I can t stand and I was hot cold on too many characters too much of the time A Dark Matter could have been much, much better Quite frankly, I expected a lot from Peter Straub, aka Master Of Horror I couldn t shake the feeling while reading A Dark Matter that this is the kind of book that happens when authors careers are set and they get too comfortable At some points it felt like Straub wasn t even trying any A shame really, because I thought the potential for this tale was massive It was very strange to read such awesomeness and such dismal mediocrity in the same story My feelings on it are equally mixed.

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    I ve never encountered Peter Straub before and if it was not for the cautionary words of Maciek, who informed me that this was his most non scary output, i would probably not run out to seek his alternative works My motivation for purchasing this book was quite shallow there was a quote with the word terrifying followed by the name Stephen King Ah, i thought, there s a man who knows scary If it made Mr King crap his pants then that is high praise indeed All i can say is that maybe Steve was having a day where he needed his blanky and bobo because i waited for the scary and it never came.Just to double check i rifled all the pages good and proper and gave the book a good hard shake nothing fell out Nope, definitely no scary in there So it s the 1960s and everyone is dressed like the kids in Stand by me and there are these kids with colourful nicknames Hootie, the Eel, Twin, Boats and Dilly and they fall collectively under the thrall of wandering stranger, moocher and self proclaimed guru Said moocher promises to open the doors of perception and so everyone follows him aside from twin who is exercising strength of character Off they skip to a meadow where untoward things take place and one boy gets shredded like a crispy duck appetizer.Skip than 30 years into the future and the events of that fateful day still casts a shadowy pall over the lives of those who venturedw into the meadow One by one everyone shares their version of what really happened.So what really happened F d if i know and I ve only just finished it.

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    A DARK MATTER was a very disappointing book Uninteresting characters and Straub fails miserably to suspend disbelief The story becomes absurd toward the end.

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    Peter Straub s A Dark Matter takes the setup that Stephen King turned into a horror trope a group of friends face unspeakable horror as young uns then reconvene when they re old and damaged to finally defeat that unspeakable horror Only Straub smartly plays it without the rematch A Dark Matter isn t the coming of age take as described above, it s about age itself, and the events and people who shape us.Lee the narrator is a middle aged man, best selling novelist married to another Lee Lee Traux, often referred to a the Eel Eel and her high school chums fell in with a wandering Timothy Leary type, Spencer Mallon Only Mallon promised world changing magical experiences, breaking through to a higher reality via the occult During the ceremony something terrible happens, the aftermath both immediate and decades in length.Lee the husband never trusted Mallon and wasn t at the ceremony, and now years later, he wants to write a book about what happened that night He travels to and fro interviewing the Eel s friends, and everyone has a differing account of what happened.The narrative structure of A Dark Matter is a joy a twisting, and morphing first into third person , as are the collection of characters Straub has gathered While the climatic reveal of Eel s version of that night is somewhat anticlimactic insofar as it s not about the big reveal The novel isn t supposed to be about the big shock payoff, anyway It s about the creeping dread of secrets and past lives controlling our present.

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    I get that not everyone will like this book But it is, in my opinion, one of the highest works of art that I ve read in a very long time.The end of the book, like something written by Gene Wolfe or, for that matter, David Wong , doesn t actually happen at the end of the book, but previously And so you may come to the last few pages andfeel as though you ve been cheated out of a proper ending.All I can say is that this book is not for you I plan to study and reread this It is magnificent view spoiler Notes as I work through the text Incidentally I just finished reading a Gene Wolfe book, Peace, so I m in a mood to look at everything in every novel as written by an unreliable narrator.The abandoned book Her Level Gaze seems to be a novel about Lee and the blind Eel The male protagonist seemed to be a bit slow moving, too Although I did not want to admit ti, the main character, the young woman with the disconcertingly level gaze, would have eaten him for breakfast Combined with the idea for the nonfiction book, it s really kind of the book that got written David, I said, no matter what my intentions are, everything I write winds up turning into fiction, including my letters to friends Hey look look, an unreliable narrator After I had wiped my face and blown my nose, I bagged up the half sandwich, covered the salad bowl with clingy film, and slammed the soup bowl into the microwave, where I could be counted on to forget about it until the next time I opened the thing Mirrors Lee s reaction to the events of the past, which upset him and were triggered by Mr Obstreperous When Lee s memories are first opening up, he remembers the following the way a snowfall had looked on a December night in 1960, the big flakes tumbling softly as feathers from a measureless black sky a lean hound coursing through the deep snow at the bottom of our sledding hill the shredding lacquer on the tops of our sleds, and the chips and dents in the long, cool runners a glass of water shining from within on my mother s best white tablecloth I can t remember what year Spenser Mallon was off the top of my head, but those are interesting things, because they include a a hound chasing something, and b a glass of water Has Lee seen what Eel saw, even earlier than she did And if so, did he understand Lee calls his friends troubled and gorgeous Their faces shone as clearly as the glass of water that had burned itself into my memory atop my mother s prize white tablecloththeir young faces tilted toward the Eels fine tuned heart stopping face Hootie is described as cherubic.He accuses Keith Hayward of being the devil Hast thou enticed me into a bond that will prove the ruin of my soul , then, later, Hootie s lover What a strange, sad man is he In the dark night time, he calls us to him, and holds thy hand andmine, as when we stodd with him on the scaffold yonder hide spoiler

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    What a let down I have loved every Peter Straub book I have read them all up until this one A Dark Matter simply goes nowhere The characters are uninteresting and even a bit annoying at times, and the constant rehashing of events through the eyes of different characters just gets boring in the long run There also never seems to be a real driving force or need to find out what really happened, and when we do, we are left with oh, I read all this for that Here is the main story line from Publisher s weekly four high school friends in 1966 Madison, Wis Hootie Bly, Dilly Olson, Jason Boatman, and Lee Truax fall under the spell of charismatic wandering guru Spencer Mallon During an occult ceremony in which Mallon attempts to break through to a higher reality, something goes horribly awry leaving one participant dead Decades later, Lee s writer husband interviews the quartet to find out what happened.The problem is we do not really care what happened, nor do we really like any of the characters If you are a fan of Straub you might want to read it for his still worthy prose style, but as far as the story itself, you can skip this one.

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    TERRIFYING, says Stephen King on the front cover of this paperback Put this one HIGH ON YOUR LIST Well, I can honestly say this book was neither terrifying, nor will it ever receive the distinct honors of getting anywhere near the top of any of my listsexcept maybe the top of the worst books I have ever read list.Clearly King was paid a lot of cash to write that blurb, and obviously he and Straub have some kind of weird bromance thing going on since they teamed up for the Talisman which was so opposite of this book, it s hard to believe Straub even had a hand in that one , because A Dark Matter is a very long 588 pages , very boring seriously, it s the same story told over and over again , very bland, novel.Let s start at the overall plot here Yeah, it sounds good It sounds dark And violent And mysterious It is a true attention grabber, no doubt Somehow, though, Straub doesn t know how to go from just sounding like all those things, because once this novel moves after something like 120 pages , it just wallows around, repeating the same plot about a confusing portal between good and evil and the things that arise from it The basic arc is told 4 different times from 4 different point of views, but none of those views ever really does much to advance the story On the contrary, it only makes it befuddled, and insanely cryptic One girl turns into a bird, another gets eaten by some kind of demon that cannot even be described despite Straub s use of archaic words one person disappears in some ambiguous vacuum or something but randomly shows up at the very end of the novel, explaining absolutely nothing Why does a girl go blind Why does another get lost on a lake These are the kind of actions and questions that Straub presents but never has any true answers or explanations for.Sometimes, one can get through a particularly banal plot and confusing writing look at all those hipster William Faulkner and James Joyce fans , but when a book has that AND a slow pace, then forget about it A Dark Matter suffers even worse in its lack of speed It is slow Dreadfully slow And I say slow with like 6 syllables Slooooooooooooooow I m talking being stuck in traffic with a manual transmission, and your foot sitting on the clutch not being able to move for fear of stalling slow Or waiting in line at the DMV slow I kept reading, expecting things to pick up After 100 pages I was sure something exciting and climactic would occur At 200 pages I was dying of anticipation At 300 pages I knew I had been duped At 400 pages I gave up all hope of anything good coming out of this plot and regretted the rest of my day, struggling to finish because I had already divested far too many wasted hours on it.It makes sense why this book sat on my shelf for 4 long years I remember purchasing it, only to start and stop numerous times, eventually giving up on it all together I recently rediscovered it after moving and finding it packed into a dusty box with other long forgotten novels I never got around to reading A Dark Matter is dull, wasteful, and frustratingly mediocre Thankfully I am not alone in this assessment 1 star reviews outnumber 5 star reviews 2 to 1 on How this book was awarded a Bram Stoker award is flabbergasting Maybe the judges were paid off by Straub like King was

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    I m not sure what happened here There wasn t anything going on and then there was way too much and I got lost a bit I am still not quite sure what happened.If you chopped this up into 3 equal pieces and then threw two of them away it would have been much better Great theme and well written but perhaps a bit ambitious in concept and overblown.

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    Set largely in the 60 s in Madison, Wisconsin, this latest novel by Peter Straub is a wonderfully strange ride, part mystery story, and part supernatural horror tale A group of teenage friends become infatuated and taken in by the charismatic and older college guru, Spencer Mallon, who insists on performing a ritual ceremony off the campus grounds, in order to provide them all with such life changing enlightenment Instead, one of their group is brutally killed and another vanishes, seemingly, into another realm, and the rest of the group is forever changed The narrator of this dense, and at times somewhat challenging read, is at the novel s opening chapter thinking back to that time, since he wasn t at the meadow when whatever happened happened, and now that he s a successful novelist, decides to seek out the other members of the group including his longtime blind wife, Lee Truax, or called the Eel, since childhood, because the narrator s name is Lee Harwell and piece together the events of that mysterious and dark matter.Straub may not be everyone s cup of tea, but he s always been one of the most original voices of modern horror fiction A Dark Matter is definitely worth diving into for fans of literary horror, but this reader wouldn t recommend this to first time readers.

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