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The Traveling Vampire Show summary The Traveling Vampire Show, series The Traveling Vampire Show, book The Traveling Vampire Show, pdf The Traveling Vampire Show, The Traveling Vampire Show 793fb948c3 Though Gloomy With Clouds, It Is A Hot, August Morning In The Summer Of All Over The Rural Town Of Grandville, Tacked To Power Poles And Trees, Taped To Store Windows, Blowing Along The Sidewalks, Fliers Have Appeared Announcing The Mysterious One Night Only Performance Of The Traveling Vampire ShowThe Show Will Feature Valeria, The Only Known Vampire In Captivity According To The Fliers, She Is A Gorgeous, Stunning Beauty In The Course Of The Performance, She Will Stalk Volunteers From The Audience, Sink Her Teeth Into Their Necks And Drink Their Blood For Three Local Teenagers Who See The Fliers, This Is A Show They Don T Want To Miss But They May Have ToThough They Can Probably Scrape Up The Price Of Admission, Other Obstacles Stand In The Way One Problem, Nobody Under Years Of Age Is Allowed Into The Show Dwight, Rusty, And Slim Are Only Another Problem, The Show Begins At Midnight And The Three Teens Always Have To Be Home By Then If That Weren T Bad Enough, The Show Is To Take Place At Janks Field A Desolate Patch Of Ground With A Nasty History That Has Been Declared Off Limits By Their ParentsThe Situation Appears HopelessThough Dwight And His Friends Fear They Won T Be Able To Attend The Actual Performance Of The Traveling Vampire Show, They Do Have The Entire Day To Themselves Why Not Hike Out To Janks Field And Take A Look Around With Any Luck, They Might Be Able To Watch The Crew Make Preparations For Tonight S Performance If They Re Really Lucky, Maybe They Ll Get A Peek At Valeria, The Gorgeous VampireAnd So The Three Friends Set Off On Foot For Janks FieldDwight Is A Solid, Honest Kid, Long On Common Sense And Loyalty To His Friends He Always Tries To Do What S RightRusty Is A Husky Guy Who Relishes TroubleSlim, Their Long Time Pal, Is The Brains Of The Outfit, A Voracious Reader Of Novels, An Aspiring Writer, And A Girl Also, She Is Sometimes Too Brave For Her Own Good The Traveling Vampire Show Is The Tale, Told In Dwight S Own Words, Of What Happened To Him, Rusty And Slim On That Hot Summer Day They Hiked To Janks Field It S The Story Of Their Friendship And Love, Their Temptations, Their Betrayals, And Their Courage As They Went Where They Shouldn T Go, Did What They Shouldn T Doand Ran Into Big Trouble

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    Normally I would delete my old review and write another one, but my previous review is so epically bad that I want to show myself how far I ve come not only as a writer but as a critic as well Wow that sounded pompous as fuck I mean, I know I m awesome, but that shit s uncalled for Anyfuck, if you want a good laugh, read on after the final judgment for my original review cringes The Traveling Vampire Show has long been on my Top 20 Reads of All Time Going into this reread, I was scared that would change I ve grown quite a bit, must ve put on at least forty pounds since my last first read of this one All jokes aside, the last time I visited Laymon s Vampire Show, I was not a father Shit, I hadn t even met the woman who would become my wife I had a pretty significant drug addiction, but, oddly enough, I remember almost everything that happens within these pages I didn t expect that to be the case This book reminds me so much of my childhood from vicious neighborhood dogs, to a foul mouthed, constantly horny best friend, and a gal pal that would become a first girlfriend The book captures perfectly how fucking annoying it is to be sixteen and in possession of a penis Things pop up at the most inopportune times and inject themselves into the situation Ladies, imagine your vagina prolapsing anytime it feels like it You re just walking down the street, wearing a skirt, it s laundry day and you don t have your favorite neon yellow Simpson s thong on, when all of a sudden, you re dragging your baby maker behind you That would be awkward right I m laughing so hard right now My apologies Okay, so getting a boner in public isn t anything like that, but it is annoying Some of us guys realize early that a woman s body is her own and not our entitled ass free rein playground We can be invited to play, but it s not our property I think this book touches on that subject I appreciate that Laymon, who was known for writing consistently about rape, wrote something that touched upon male sexuality in a positive light Yes, some of us are rapey as fuck Some of us are douche tastic semen balloons just waiting to explode on the next pair of tits that walks by Most certainly, if a man rapes a woman, it is ALWAYS the man s fault Yet some of us respect women Some of us understand that you re a person first and a gender second And, although we love looking when you dress up, we understand that that doesn t mean were are entitled to see what s underneath All that is what sets this book apart from most of Laymon s work Sure, Rusty is a deviant little shit But Dwight is constantly worried about what his dick is doing at any given moment, and his respect for Lee and Slim is real, even if he does like to look and fantasize Dwight is a teenage boy A damn well written teenage boy Rusty is not the norm, but there are pleny of Rustys in the world That s liable to offend some But at least it s honest All that is what I feel The Traveling Vampire Show is truly about the uncontrollable aspect of our sexuality and the beast within That perception is not always reality, is something else Laymon tackles The title suggests this is a book about vampires, but it doesn t have anything to do with vampires It has to do with being a teenage boy Know that going in, and you should be fine.Finally, the ending is one of my favorite endings of all time I would say it s easily in my top five, but would hazard a guess that it s actually in my top three It comes out of nowhere, like a brick to the face Damn powerful.In summation The Traveling Vampire Show is still one of my favorite novels Having grown up, I appreciate it even I remember being a teenage boy, and it s nothing to be romanticized We re all idiots until about thirty, but even then, some of us never grow out of the boner in public stage.Final Judgment That ending tho.Previous ReviewThis is, by far, Laymon s best work I have read EVERYTHING the man ever wrote before he died in 2001 Next to Stephen King, no one has played a bigger role in molding me into the writer I have become Laymon is not for everyone He s a minimalist, never verbose, and can drum up a shock a minute while still developing characters He has a penchant for borderline porn If you re a prude, do not pick Laymon up If blood and gore aren t your thing, STAY AWAY What I love about The Traveling Vampire Show, has nothing to do with vampires Because, in fact, the book doesn t have any vampires in it until the last couple pages Not being a fan of vampires, but a fanatic of Laymons, I decided to read this anyway This book is about the kids Laymon draws so well Period Their youthful adventures rival that of any youngsters King has EVER written about I will forever be a fan of Richard Laymon because of this book Even when he s bad, he s still rather good 5 StarsE.

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    Find all of my reviews at actually read this several weeks go, but never got around to reviewing it because I knew I had to get prepared for the backlash first Apparently I read it wrong But guess what The premise here was a good one Dwight and his friends Slim and Rusty see flyers all over town advertising a Traveling Vampire Show The hint of danger and an 18 and over requirement are enough to lead the trio into temptation and the remainder of the story is what takes place during one day leading up to the big shebang and their chance to meet the mysterious Valeria Here s the problem The first 50 pages or so were flying right by Many of you know I have a kid who is required to read, but hates to read We ve had some luck with contemporary fiction and I thought if things didn t get too stabby this might be okay for him please note I had read ZERO reviews knew nothing of this book except people liked it The three kids wandering from one side of town to another for an adventure is pretty much my kid s bucket list of a dream Saturday But then I got to the part where there was a bit of danger and the MC Dwight decided to go borrow a truck and I was like The story immediately stopped working Even with the gather around children and let me tell you a story from when I was a kid and why don t you have some Werther s Originals while you re listening narration style I just couldn t wrap my brain around these being sixteen year old children I was thinking they were 12 14 max And then there was the non stop boner talk I realize that teenage boys often pitch tents in their pants, but the story became so hypersexual with focus on premature ejaculation than plot that there was no charm left to any of the characters Especially Rusty view spoiler They do, so yay hide spoiler

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    Teenagers Dwight, Rusty, and Slim are an inseparable trio When they see that the Traveling Vampire Show is coming to town, seeing the only vampire in captivity becomes the most important thing in the world The Traveling Vampire Show is a coming of age tale akin to Stephen King s The Boy or Robert McCammon s A Boy s Life, taking place in a single day in 1963 As the title indicates, the story revolves around the three teenagers quest to attend the Traveling Vampire Show Straight laced Dwight, tomboy Slim, and asshole Rusty all seemed a lot like people I knew at 16.Much like A Boy s Life, there s a lot of meandering A lot of the book is the trio running from threats, real or imagined, and Dwight trying not to get hard around Slim or his sister in law The addition of Bitsy, Rusty s sister, to the group showed the ugliness lurking beneath the surface of a couple characters.I didn t mind that the Traveling Vampire Show doesn t make an appearance until the end I did think it was unrealistic that they actually went given all that transpired early in the day I also had some difficulty buying the others being friends with Rusty given what a selfish asshole he was.The ending was actually pretty bad ass I knew someone had to die before the story was over and there was death aplenty I also liked that there were a lot of unanswered questions Do any of the characters make appearances in subsequent Laymon books The Travelling Vampire Show is an entertaining coming of age tale but I wouldn t put it on the same tier as The Body or A Boy s Life 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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    So you know, I ve been a Richard Laymon fan for 30 yrs now, having gotten into him while searching for a list of books recommended by Stephen King while visiting The Dark Carnival, in Berkeley, CA, my favorite bookstore The handful of books I have by Mr Laymon, I ve read several times and thought they were good, some frighteningly good with the exception of The Stake which I have tried to read a few times and it just never bit me hard enough to keep me craving for .So far, my favorite by him was Resurrection Dreams and if you like your horror with humor, you might just love it Besides, it s about zombiesthe best trendy thing since Halloween became a holiday Funland was eerie, scary, and demented Midnight s Lair was creepy and memorable His characters are always entertaining, in a head shaking sort of way, and fun to watch what materializes for them on the road ahead and to see what s just around that next corner His dialogue is fitting for the time place, either steeped with dark humor or hellbent on making you laugh while you silently scream NO , and I believe no book of his could reach its end without a character or few being as na ve as feeder fish in a shark pool.His stories are ripe with violence, blood red gore, full of sexual perversions, and horror galore Perfect if you axe me and why he s been lauded by such notable authors as Stephen King, Brian Keene, Joe R Lansdale, Jack Ketchup, Dean Koontz, Tim Lebbon, Edward Lee, Bentley Little, Simon Clark, and a slew of others, as one of their fave authors.The Traveling Vampire Show is Laymon s stab at Something Wicked This Way Comes, as if written by a zero conscience Stephen King Recommended If you like this sorta thing check out my bookshelf dark carnival night circus If you are a book connoisseur like me, track down the 1st print of the paperback with embossed lettering It s a great book to add to your Dark Carnival Night Circus Horror collection.

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    2.5 5 stars As I was listening to this, I came to realize that I ve read it before A few things, like the name Julian Striker and one of the character s sisters rang a bell with me Other than that, because I have a mind like a steel sieve, the rest of the story seemed new, so I went with it Now that s it over, I am glad that I read it while at the same time I wish I ditched it As you can see, I m torn What I liked The beginning The coming of age portion kids walking around and learning about the town, popping into each of their housesthese things I enjoyed Unfortunately, they were a very small portion of the book I did enjoy the narrator, though the quality of the recording itself didn t seem as good as others I ve listened to recently What I didn t like The sexy times coming of age portions One or two would have been fine, but at times, it seemed like the majority of the book was talking about hard ons and breasts Especially breasts Every single woman in this book had time dedicated to her breasts I mean, I HAVE breasts I LIKE them But J.H.C enough already What I didn t like continued This entire book took place in one day, which was fine However, it seemed like out of 404 pages, 325 were taken up just getting TO THE SHOW Lastly, once they got there the situation spiraled out of control and became completely unbelievable There s just.no way I understand I m reading a book about vampires, but believe me when I say there are believable stories about them and this one isn t it Kelli Owen s TEETH perhaps, or Yvonne Navarro s AFTERAGE for example I can disregard the realism factor if the book is intriguing or interesting in other areas This one is not I rated THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW 2.5 stars, rounded up to 3 , because I do feel it is representative of horror being written at that time, 2000 2001 , and in a way, it is often thought of as a classic I wanted to rate it higher than that, but I m sorry to say that this tale didn t earn it I can t say that I recommend this, but I AM glad that I finally read it, or re read it, as the case may be , because I would forever be wondering about it, if I hadn t I bought this audiobook with my hard earned cash.

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    I ve read a few Laymon novels with varying levels of enjoyment Resurrection Dreams I enjoyed for its gory over the top fun but I just couldn t get into Flesh or Funland.Despite its title this book is not about vampires It s about three 16 year old friends and their fascination with visiting the upcoming vampire show It has moments of gore but mainly it s a coming of age tale focusing on these young kids The lusty thoughts which I ve come to expect from a Laymon book, and which usually crack me up for their out of place silliness, fit these characters and added to the tension of the book The book takes place in the 60 s when drive ins were much commonplace and the whole book has the feel of a good scary drive in movie It begins when these three hike out to an abandoned field reputed to be the dumping ground of a serial killer hoping to get a glimpse of the vampire before the crowds arrive Instead they have a bad run in with a mangy, possibly rabid dog and one of the kid s witnesses something she shouldn t and then weird things begin to happen and they suspect they re being taunted by the vampire folks It s not until the very end of the book that the all out blood bath begins and we learn some ugly things about some of our characters but the tension leading up to it and the nice character study held my attention throughout it s 300 pages To date, this has been my favorite of all of the Laymon novels I ve read.

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    i want somebody to tell me, answer if you can i just want somebody to tell me, what is the soul of a man Ramblin Jack Elliottwhen you look over your shoulder, can you just see america s been left behind your back can you feel the ineffable silence which has fallen onto life and do you feel that you re alone last month, when me and my friend sat beside the sidewalk while he had his break during his work of gym card sales he gave out leaflets then , we supped beer and nibbled dry pork knuckle slices then i asked, do you believe in ghosts no, that s not possible, and who cares came the replythen i said, i d rather choose to believe, if you don t see something exist that doesn t mean it s really non existingso you can prove ghosts are real question offeredi just answered with a question, you can t prove they don t exist, right i feel something bitter from those pages this time, i just can sense and taste itall i wanna do is to perceive this world with open eyes, it s not easy, really emotions, affections, confusions and temptations, doubts and hates and desires, many many shits, you can t keep an open mind all the timei mean, the true things you learn, the pain you are ini just hope those authors works can help me stop sinking down and get unfucked in this knowledge fermenting world, this world is not a temple, it might be just the asshole of some god of which i struggle to creep myself out thruthat s it

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    This Book Sucked.Okay, first the plus side Slim is awesome.And that s about it for the plus side.On the minus side We have to see the awesome character Slim through the eyes of this annoying teenage boy who spends nearly ever scene she s in describing her butt Also on the minus side Pretty much all the other characters were downright annoying I was very disappointed they didn t ALL except Slim die horrible deaths at the end.Once again on the minus side This book was painfully BORING and full of descriptive descriptions describing descriptive things that don t need to be described Picture Twilight, but about 5 times worse Yeah Preeee ty bad For example in one of the flashbacks, they go into all this detail about how they ate milk duds at the movies This, by the way, had nothing to do with anything Ooh, or how about when they made burgers Did I need to know that the characters both love cheese on their burgers, and also that they like their burgers thin so that the inside isn t raw No No I did not And it didn t build suspense, like I know it was supposed to No it did not It just made me want to throw the book at a rabid squirrel and watch it chew the thing to pieces, but I couldn t, because it was a library book.And that made me very sad, and pretty much ruined the rest of my day.It s sad that a cool character like Slim can be in a book, and it can still be pretty much the worst book I have ever read in my life.

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    I ll start with the positive Bob Barnes, the reader 5 big shiny for you I d listen to a lot books read by him Now, the negative This whole story I m not sure how long this book is but its way too long As I have my own boobs, I m not fascinated by them so listening to 2 Days worth of a book that is constant fantasizing by a 16 yr old boy isn t really doing a damn thing for me Vampires There isn t one til the last little bit.

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    This was my first Richard Laymon book and it won t be my last.It was a book that was beautifully done It was a coming of age story that had characters that I fell in love with This book was filled with girl power, Slim and Lee were powerfully written They were brave,true and strong When Slim quoted a few lines of the St.Crispin s Day speech from Shakespeare s Henry V.,I was verklempt It was a pleasure to read a horror novel with strong female characters.And what can I say about Dwight,a hero worthy of Slim Strong,sweet,brave and loyal.I loved the story but I loved the characters Mr.Laymon wrote a book that was than a horror novel It is novel about honor, discovery, loyalty, compassion, friendship, young love, young lust and friendshipthe vampire was the cherry atop a terrific book.

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