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    Although there was some wonderful writing in this book, overall it fell flat for me Too many characters, too much hopping about, too little of the truly interesting Mr X, and much too much of the other, not very intriguing cast members Also, it took a long time and a ridiculous amount of self impressed exposition to finally get to the point of the story The book was about 1 3 longer than it should have been, and frustrating and tedious to read in points because of this.

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    I thought The Throat was one of the best written novels ever published, lots of complexity, mysteries within mysteries, satisfying ending, finely drawn characters, all over a fun experience My impression of The Talisman and Black House, collaborations with Stephen King, was that they were superb Shadowlands was a confusing miasma but had an interesting premise update several days later To tell you the truth, I went online to see if I could make sense of my confusion regarding Mr X Turns out, after all, I wasn t too far off the mark regarding the major characters and events and underpinnings OK, stuff Mr X was along the same lines as Shadowlands, confusing and difficult to read in many spots However, that said, I must state that this work is peopled with some of the quirkiest characters I ve seen in a novel This is true mostly of the protagonist, Ned Dunstan s, extended family, one wackier than the rest, and some with some parapsychological.well, I ll let you discover that for yourselves A major minor character who comes along in the second half of the book is a crusty old attorney with great senses and an extremely unflappable nature, who seems to know all about the families and their strange, complex natures, as well as the small town they inhabit One of my favorites We all could use someone like that in our corner further update, which I forgot to add earlier This getting older is REALLY inocnvenient Much of the book s basis relates to The Dunwich Horror, which was written by H P Lovecraft in the 20 s and relates to a theory that there are the Old Ones who are aliens from another planet who influence and are personified in some contemporary people I saw the movie when it came out in the 70 s and enjoyed it, and I have also read some other Lovecraft It s neat to see Straub have some fun iwth Lovecraft, but unfortunately it doesn t save the work.Sooooo, even with my misgivings, this one doesn t turn me away from Mr Straub after all, I ve also read some clunkers by Messrs Koontz and King and I still come back for I believe Julia and The Hellfire Club have gotten good reviews, so I ll get to them in due time.

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    I am a big Straub fan to begin with have enjoyed nearly all of his books despite his work with Stephen King, I think he is quite different This book was particularly enjoyable to me as I am a huge Lovecraft fan and this is clearly his love letter to Lovecraft Great fun for Lovecraft fans in picking out the Lovecraftian imagery, names of books and characters scattered throughout the story all the while winking wildly at the fans no attempts at imitation, just sincere flattery and making use of a terrifying and wonderful mythos Also a fun and in depth mystery, plenty of raffish characters to love and Straub s weirdly cool style Highly recommend I hated the title does not describe the book accurately at all otherwise, kudos

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    This is one of the most difficult books I have read When reading it I struggled at points to follow it but the last paragraph of the book made perfect sense and I realised that it was possibly the way the book was intended A few years after reading I am still perplexed by this novel How good can a story be if you struggle to read it but then are left unable to stop thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that Peter Straub is the best writer I have ever read Ghost story was good with characters but X is better I think However I have since read Dark Matter and it is my favourite read ever.

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    I like the idea of this story, but the book itself..just didn t fill me with joy I can t put my finger on what I didn t enjoy exactly, and there were parts that I certainly enjoyed, but it just left me unfulfilled in the end.

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    Although I loved the Blue Rose series and The Hellfire Club, my favorite works by Straub are those that focus on paranormal plot lines, like Ghost Story, Shadowland my favorite and Floating Dragon When I picked up Mr X, I was delighted to find that Straub had returned to his paranormal past.The story was fresh and the writing tight and captivating The plot itself was highly original, and the working in of Lovecraft was brilliant I hadn t read The Dunwich Horror, and when I realized how integral it was to Mr X, I set down the book and picked up my Lovecraft anthology Something a bit spooky happened I set down Mr X at page 89, and The Dunwich Horror began on page 89 of the Lovecraft anthology Of course, this has nothing to do with anything, but I found it amusing nonetheless I m glad I read the Lovecraft story, as it gave a great many hints to the inner workings of Mr X If you haven t read The Dunwich Horror, it s advisable to do so before beginning Mr X.After reading the other reviews, I wondered if the negative reviewers had read the same book Straub left no questions unanswered perhaps those reviewers just didn t understand what happened Mr X was perfectly characterized, and his diary was consistent with his mental state Ned was my favorite kind of character flawed, but likeable, as were most of the characters in the book with the exception, of course, of Mr X.My only real criticism is that Straub isn t particularly good at writing women, a flaw that s consistent throughout his writing His women are either kooky, whore ish or angelic although the angel in this story is a little rounded than the angels in his other books The various female family members were nicely written, though.Straub didn t write in a single event that wasn t necessary to the story Every loose end was wrapped up, and every character and scene essential to the plot The various mystery elements were revealed at exactly the right time and place, and although some things were easy to guess for Lovecraft readers, there were enough surprises to satisfy me, and I m an extremely critical reader of mysteries and crime fiction.To sum up my review, if you love Straub, you ll love this book Happy reading

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    El autor debe gustarse a s mismo o al lector G nero Narrativa Fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta Ned tiene visiones de los cr menes de alguien a quien llama M ster X Cuando se desplaza hasta la localidad en la que su madre est muriendo, ella le da m s datos sobre su padre, al que no conoci , y decide averiguar m s sobre l Pero los asesinatos de M ster X se acercan tanto a Ned que l mismo termina en el punto de mira de los polic as encargados de la investigaci n, mientras averigua que l no es el nico de la familia con capacidades poco comunes Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite

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    At heart this dark fantasy novel is about the twisted truths that lie at the heart of one s family history and whether it s better to leave secrets buried or dig them up Peter Straub does an amazing job of unraveling pieces of information that slowly form into at larger picture His characters are complex and fascinating, which makes the story absolutely compelling with an ending that kind of blew my mind and makes me want to go back and read it again Fantastic book.

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    The plot of this novel focuses on Ned Dunstan born June 25, 1958 , who has had precognitive visions since childhood and returns home to Edgerton, Illinois from New York after anticipating that his mother, Star Dunstan, is dying As Star lays dying in the Intensive Care Unit after suffering a stroke, she reveals the name of the Ned s father, the mysterious Edward Rinehart Following his mother s death, Ned begins to trace his paternal lineage with the help of his great aunts Nettie, May, and Joy, who possess the gifts of teleportation and telekinesis Also assisting him are Laurie Hatch, the estranged wife of the wealthy Stewart Hatch who s past comes to play an important role in Ned s journey , and a mysterious figure who may or may not be his twin brother Robert Not only does Ned s life become an attempt to uncover the identity of his father and his family s secrets, he also gets caught up in a tangled web of disturbing crimes and murder both in the past and present.This is the first novel by Peter Straub that I have read and I m now interested in reading some of his other works Mr X has a very complex yet entertaining plot that although seemed a bit tedious at times, being 482 pages long, it made me want to read all the way to the end to see if Ned would actually find out the truth about his family s past The main issues I had with the novel, aside from the length, were that the number of characters were a bit overwhelming and the fact that I often could not remember there relevance to the story and that I had many unanswered questions by the time I was able to finish the novel Did Ned really have a twin brother named Robert Who or what exactly is Mr X Why do Ned s relatives go through the trouble of trying to hide the past from him I am seriously considering re reading the novel at some point, although I m not sure whether that would actually help me gain the answers to all the questions I have Despite this, the novel is still worth reading because of the many surprises and secrets revealed in the plot that the reader will uncover by making it through the entire novel.

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    Wow I had some idea that Peter Straub could write, having read his co authoring of The Talisman many years ago There s no question he is a great talent maybe too much so for me Either this book is lacking a great editor or I didn t eat enough blueberries and carrots in the last week, because I constantly had to keep thinking back about this strange Dunstan family and how they seem to haveunusual connections to half of a small southern Illinois town Some passages were terrific, and blazed wonderfully wicked or surreal images in my head, and others were downright overwritten and confusing I will not give up on this author I want to read Ghost Story and Koko for sure, but Mr X missed the mark on the whole for me.

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