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    My reading group read John Little s The Memory Tree not too long ago and it was a big hit, so I was excited when Miranda was chosen for last week s group read.This book was nothing like what I expected In fact, I m still a little confused by it and have had a hard time sorting out my feelings Mr Johnson dies and then begins living his life backwards This is where the confusion sets in People are talking forward but Mr Johnson is hearing backwards This and all of the other backward things made my head hurt.What did come across very well is Mr Johnson s loneliness It s heartbreaking, so the reader is happy when he meets Miranda, who is also living her life backwards From there on, well there s only one way it can end, isn t there Or is there another way out You ll have to read it and see for yourself.This tale requires some thought from the reader, while at the same time demanding that the reader not put too much thought into certain aspects If that sounds intriguing to you, give it a shot, you ll probably enjoy it

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    Well, that was unexpected This is a terrific read Absolutely loved it, and I will read it again.

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    A great story beautifully written, full of emotion Very well done A serious accomplishment on Little s part.

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    John little the author I found to be large in creativity and talent from reading this novella Let s get a few things clear, Summer turned to spring, then to Winter.The main protagonist becomes undead, but he s not a zombie The story starts with the last chapter.Either the author is bark raving mad or he has written a creative original story here I will go with the latter The undead in this story refers to the protagonist living his life n reverse order, from death to birth So Zombie readers sorry.This story is a very real life and the pursuit of happiness or the so to say failed pursuit in this case at times You are about to retrace history on how certain characters lives panned out This novella served up some thought provoking and life history reflection of my own It s short but achieved what many hundreds of pages of stories out there have not He has made the reader reflect on wrongs, rights and think The story makes us revisit horrors from the past again straight from the world news, you are taken to a shooting on a tourist spot in Egypt and back to the day of the Fall of The Twin Towers and many deaths When the past is relived again he does not know how the event occurred, as he has no memories and it s in reverse order That made it interesting reading He sees his wrong and bad mistakes in life and sees how his eating and life choices ended him to his grave.The sad thing is he can only relive it and not change history He meets a woman in his past Miranda but what s even compelling for him is that she also is living in reverse as him Her life was way sad and she received abuses of many kinds, once a bag lady She ponders over a dilemma can she change her fate in the past Does she have the free will to change There is also a mans best fiend as a star of the story Me being a lover of animals, it struck a cord of sentiments and emotions You are taken right back from its death to when he first acquired his dog as a puppy, and I too remember those fond days of having a Labrador and a Siamese kitten Those dark days of loss Parting with my loved creatures as time froze, destitute, pondering sadly, towering over a veterinarians surgery table slab with a parted loved one These loved ones are truly great blessing in life that many take for granted.It s captivating engrossing and a poignant story.Short and a must read I will be reading from this Bram Stoker winner In September, the World Trade Centre grew out of a mountain of ash and dust, morphing into Americas tallest towers I was glued to CNN when they rose and I watched in amazement They were sobbing It was incredible I knew there were taller buildings in Malaysia or somewhere in the mid east, but these were American, our own miracles, springing up from their graves Were we really just programmed to follow a particular course exactly A path from death to birth, laid out ahead of time in a circuitous but unchanging track Also review

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    This is an amazing novella No joke It would be a shame if Miranda doesn t become a classic A must read

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    A complex tale of age regression beautifully told.

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    I loved the emotions presented in this story, but the writing style just wasn t for me.

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    Wow Just, wow.5 5 stars for the idea and for the execution That was some fine writing, right there If I m ever able to write like that, I d be the happiest woman alive I will say nothing about this story because I picked it up knowing nothing I didn t even read the blurb and I was awestruck It s under 100 pages and I would encourage anyone to read this one It s worth it I read it because of a recommendation and I thought What the hell, it s a short story and it might make my evening better Little did I know that I chose to read something so unique and fresh and, yeah I ll say it again, such a well writen story based on that awesome idea.

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    I am not at all surprised that John R Little won a Bram Stoker award for Miranda.This could have just been another Man Aging Backwards story but this is nothing like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button In Miranda, the main character literally ages backwards he hears words backwards, he walks backwards, he drives his car backwards etc, etc The amazing thing about this story is that Little makes a ridiculous concept seem entirely plausible Admittedly, there are parts of this story that you can t let yourself think too hard about or else it will do your head in However, if you can let yourself go along with it, Miranda is a beautiful story that explores the ideas of fate and freewill, what it is like to experience true loneliness and the joy of finding your soulmate.

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Miranda summary pdf Miranda, summary chapter 2 Miranda, sparknotes Miranda, Miranda f99a567 Michael Is Different From You And Me He Lives His Life In Reverse, From The Day He Died Back To The Day He Was Born It S Hard To Make Friends When You Re Travelling In The Wrong Direction Of Time In Fact The Only True Friend He Had His Little Dog, Doof Until One Day, Michael Meets Miranda, And His Life Changes For EverFrom The Paperback Edition

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